Running into annoying problems with publishing places!



Everytime I do File > Publish on an existing place, I always get this error. It will not save no matter what I do. This could be effected by Team Create.

To publish, I Have to do File > Publish To and then select the place, but it still doesn’t say ‘Successfully published’ but it still publishes? Made it very confusing when we were trying to ship a massive update.

I don’t know if other people are running into this problem, but this is happening across many of my places!

Can't Publish Game

I’m running into the same issue with just standard team create.


Team Create is very buggy, and you can see why… as there is many obstacles to face when coming about having multiple people making stuff at the same time.

I’d ask if you have internet but then how’d you post this, so nvm. I’d say it’s a roblox problem at this point.
I’d try re-opening studio after you downloaded it-just in case-, it takes awhile to start working again.


It’s been happening last night and today, restarting doesn’t help. Might be team create because I think they are making some changes to it


Publishing is my only problem with Team Create- so I try not to use it as often. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.


Running into the same issue.




Can confirm on my end.


Is this specific to team create enabled places or all places ?


Team create enabled places only, for me.

edit: Right now, it looks like only group owned places that have team create enabled are getting affected. Can anyone else confirm or deny this?


Can Confirm that it happens, After getting the 500 error I rejoined and it published even though it had an error.


Ran into this problem last night and again today. Both places had Team-create enabled. Closing Studio and re-opening it did not fix the problem for me.


This should be fixed now