RunService Connections Module

Hello. I’m revamping the scripting architecture for my game and I’ve made a module that can be used for RunService connections, though I was wondering if it’d be functional instead of having to make multiple connections overtime.

I’ve made a module that adds a table to a main table so it determines which method I’m using (Heartbeat, Stepped or RenderStepped) with its respective function. Here’s an example of how it works:

	for _, v in ipairs(LOOPING_TABLE) do -- Loops through the table and checks if it is the respective method.
		if v.Method == "Heartbeat" then
			task.spawn(v.Function, ...) -- Spawns the function not having to wait for it to be done so the next can be called.

The module has a function that returns a metatable and it has a Disconnect function that removes the function from the table so it can be no longer executed again. Any thoughts about if it could cause performance issues or something like that?

From your example, I think the statement should be outside where it connects the event to a function. Then, it will be just as performant as a normal RunService loop.