RunService error

So Im just making some game. And i meet some problem.

I want to clarify i see this issue first time. So I looking why this message appear and find out that problem with my BillboardGUI. Perhaps initially when I make this script, didn’t notice before.

		local Character = player.Character
		local head = Character:WaitForChild("Head")
		local healthGUI = workspace.zyabka.BillboardGui:Clone()
		local playername = healthGUI.PLRName
		local Humanoid = Character: WaitForChild("Humanoid")
		healthGUI.Parent = head
		healthGUI.Adornee = head
			healthGUI.Redfr.GreenFr.Size =, 0, 1, 0)
		playername.Text = player.Name

So what it could be. What am I do wrong?

Do you have any functions you yourself have bound to RunService.RenderStepped? I have a theory it might be to do with that. A message from the core scripts, perhaps depending on user-bound code. This is nowhere near definite, just a theory of mine.

But in short, this message comes from the core scripts and is nothing to do with what you have done.

This isn’t an error to do with runservice, this is some sort of bug. This happens to me in my baseplates too sometimes. It’s nothing to do with your code.

No just billboardGUI which show my health and some local scripts

Oh ok well then we re chilling

Yes the utility focus thing does nothing to your code I have just seen this too