RunService: need explanation for stepped, heartbeat, renderstepped


can somoene explain me the differences between stepped, heartbeat, renderstepped?

after the forum on DevHub I still didnt understand it. I just understood that it is connected with each fps of the game and runs with it equal.

do you guys know more than stepped, heartbeat, renderstepeed? I heard there is also a BindToRenderStep.

So you need to answer this questions for each stepped, hearbeat, renderstepeed:

  1. What is it exactly?
  2. Does more than the 3 points exist above?
  3. Which one should I use mostly on Client or on Server.
  4. When should I use it? - give some examples.

Thanks for any help!

I think heartbeat is just like wait()


Sorry, I forgot what the topic was, lemme invistigate!

I think the ‘Render Stepped’ is used to fire every frame. If you have like 1 fps you’ll be running your command every set frames. (I may not be correct)

RenderStepped runs before anything renders,Stepped runs before the physics step,Heartbeat runs at the end of the frame.

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OOh I didnt know I think i was wrong