RunService.NetworkStepped Event


Works like RenderStepped except it's linked to the network. It would fire each time network data is sent out. The reason I want this is because I have custom characters that I'm replicating the positions of. In order to replicate their updates I have to send the information to the server through a remoteevent. This is a problem because if I send an update every time the position updates then I'll be sending 60/20=3 times more data than is necessary.

The obvious solution is to only send updates through the remote at an interval of 0.05s, right? Wrong. Because wait() is not synced to the network step, I can end up with up to 50ms unnecessary delay.


Release Notes for 337

That would be cool, and I could imagine it client side for receiving a packet, but if you were to run it server side, how would it work? Are all the packets all in sync or does it do like a wait() per player, making it out of sync?


This is for syncing with sending, not receiving.


And in the case of RenderStepped being executed in Play solo (perhaps from a module that uses HttpService) it'd be useful to have RenderStepped work as this rather than just error.


I was in the middle of writing a post suggesting this exact feature (same name and everything) and this fancy new forum conveniently told me about this post.

This would be extremely useful.




Would love to have an event like this, very much needed.


I would also use this. Support.


This is a much needed function.