RunService:IsStudio() returns false on the server in Team Create Test

Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-05-23 14:05:00 (-04:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-05-23 15:05:00 (-04:00)

Reproduction Steps:

  • Create a game (or use an existing one) and enable Team Create. It can be created by a user or a group.
  • Make a Script that calls RunService:IsStudio() on the server. When trying to reproduce this bug after discovering it, I made a Script in ServerScriptService that ran print(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio())
  • Make a LocalScript that calls RunService:IsStudio() on the client. When trying to reproduce this bug after discovering it, I made a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts that ran warn(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio()) (I used warn instead of print to make it easier to differentiate the client and server)
  • Now publish the place and test it using Play Solo, Team Create Test and in the Roblox Client

Scripts that I used to reproduce this in my test place:

Script 1 (Script placed in ServerScriptService)


Script 2: (LocalScript placed in StarterPlayerScripts)


Expected Behavior:
When testing the place, I expect that RunService:IsStudio() will return true in Play Solo and Team Create Test and return false when playing the game from the Roblox client.

Actual Behavior:
When using Play Solo, RunService:IsStudio() returns true on both the client and the server and it returns false when playing a published copy of the game in the Roblox client as it should. When I test the game using Team Test, RunService:IsStudio() returns true on the client and false on the server. Also running print(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio() in the Studio command bar while in Team Create Test will return true since it is on the client and running the same code in the Developer Console command bar will return false since it is on the server.


Studio output window in Play Solo:

the server is running print(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio()) and the client is running warn(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio())

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 2.45.40 PM

14:45:10.207 is the output of Script 1
14:45:12.493 is the output of Script 2

The client side output in Team Create Test

14:49:41.204 is the output of Script 2
14.50:45.150 is the output of running print(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio()) in the Studio command bar

Server output in Team Test

09:43:34 is the output of Script 1
14:13:02 is the output of running print(game:GetService("RunService"):IsStudio()) in the Developer Console Command Bar

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This is not a bug. Team Test servers are actual Roblox hosted servers so you can connect with your friends and test. It’s just like hitting Play on a real game on the site.

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Its normal, it creates a server to test multi-player. If you press play it will start a local server which is not running like normal Roblox server.

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I’d imagine you’d want it to still return true considering how Team Test clients still have access to the entirety of the Studio UI and can modify their client place, which is a notable difference from a real game client.

Saying “its a real server” is no different from saying a Team Create session is a real server. Why this behaviour is considered “normal” is beyond me.


Team Create servers do count as real servers in the servers list, but they only show up if you have a friend who appears under the “friends in servers” list

I can confirm that this is not a bug.

As the above posters have noted: The test server you connect to when using Team Test is in no way a Studio session. It’s a normal live server running the place, and does not have any of the Studio-only functionality that a Studio session would. In that sense, it would be very surprising and likely not what most developers wanted for it to report itself as Studio.

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Will there be something added like :IsTeamCreate?

Probably not, at least not something that would report Team Test, since Team Test by design is supposed to test it exactly like it will be when you publish it to live.

Maybe if there’s some really convincing use case, so if you have one feel free to post it.

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