RunService page should clarify that IsStudio returns false for Team Test servers

IsStudio returns true from both the client and server when spinning up test servers. However, Team Test has a server which will return false, while the clients will return true. This might be a stumbling point since it may not be immediately intuitive that Team Test is a “live server”, rather than “studio server”.

The IsClient method shows a table which indicates that IsStudio will return true from Team Test:

(Also this table should probably not be under only IsClient as it pertains to multiple RunService methods.

This post by tnavarts indicates that IsStudio should in fact return false from Team Test servers:

Suggested solution:

  1. Under Methods > IsStudio section, add sentence - “Note: This function will return true when called from Team Test Player, but false when called from Team Test Server”
  2. Move method/environment table from under IsClient to the top of the RunService page just before the Code Samples section
  3. Add row to table for ‘Team Test Server’ or emphasize that the team test server is a live server

Thanks for looking at this! :smiley:

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That answer by me (and the original thread) is talking about the Team Test server (which is just a normal game server), not the Team Test Player. The Team Test player very much IsStudio.

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Oh. I feel a bit foolish, but your comment has brought me great clarity :+1:

I have updated the original post accordingly.