RunService:UnbindFromRenderStep firing when I reset

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    I keep getting this error:

RunService:UnbindFromRenderStep removed different functions with same reference name utility-focus-state-inspect-Ajitto 2 times.

I don’t know where it’s coming from or why it’s happening, but it happens every time I reset.
How do I deal with it or even find where it’s coming from?


If the Script is part of a ScreenGui, turn off “ResetOnSpawn”

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All of my GUI’s already have it disabled

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Having same issue, toggling “ResetOnSpawn” for ScreenGUI’s doesn’t affect whether the error appears or not

Edit: The strange thing is, I disable all of my client scripts or remove all of my ScreenGUI’s and the error still occurs :thinking:

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Additional information on my part:
When there are multiple people in the server, it seems to run a number of times equal to the number of players in the server (so if it’s only one player, it will run once, but if there are three players, it will run 3 times)

I did a quick test and it doesn’t seem to be the GUI’s at all (I moved them to serverstorage and reset immediately when I spawned in and still got the warning.) I’m not quite sure if it’s a roblox issue, but it doesn’t seem to be unlikely

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im also getting this warning for some reason, it most likely is due to some roblox issue.

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This makes me crazy, probably a roblox issue.

This is a warning (not an error), and it’s from one of Roblox’ core scripts, probably something UI related.
There is nothing you can do about this, and it shouldn’t affect your game in any way. Roblox will fix this themselves sometime soon.

Same bug for me, probably a result of a Studio update. Not sure if related, but whenever that warning shows up the player doesn’t respawn on the set spawnpoint for me? Video attached below:
Sorry, that was an unrelated bug that was me being dumb while coding the spawnpoint script

no, it affectz my game (I have to replace a cetain letter with z cuz my keyboard iz broken).
If zomeone rezetz with multiple people in the zerver, inventory wipez (Not fully, but itemz are lozt). Thiz iz an izzue that zeemz to relate to the warning.

I did some more testing. It fires every single time no matter what. Every time on a reset, the warning fires.

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Do you have the method called somewhere in the script? If yes could you provide it?

No. I even created an entire new game and put nothing in, but still when I reset, the warning fired. I disabled resetting, and it seems to be whenever the reset button is clicked, not when the character resets.

Could you provide a test file? I could make a Bug Report about it.

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I’ll do do a bit of testing when I get back home.
If the issue persists even in the base templates, I’ll send a test file.

After a bit of testing, I found the solution, though it’s more of a bandage than anything.
Basically, you have to go to beta features and disable “Updated Roblox Controls.”
That is the only beta feature that requires disabling.


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