Rush Attack Hitbox

So I was going to make a rush attack, where if you click e you dash forward and anyone in the way gets dragged with you via a weld until you reach the end of your dash where a small explosion says and damage is dealt. The problem I had with this was the hitbox, normally for hitboxs i have welded, I like to use runservice to keep the hitbox’s position updated and then usegetpartsinpart , but i was wondering if theirs a way thats eaiser to auto update getpartsinparts then runservice b/c i feel this isnt the most effecient/optimized way to do this.

You could just bind the Part.Touched signal

nty it snot very effecient. it doesnt dtect everything

If your movements are default Roblox physics based, then there should not be a problem with it.

im using body velocity, also i had a second question, my hitbox is not going to the correct player spot at the end of the dash b/c the server sees the player WAY behind, but the player is actually say 30 studs in front of hte servers view.

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