Ruski's Tutorial #1 - How to design a map layout

I do usually. I’ll also sometimes use parts/bricks to lay out rough areas & sizes, then will go over it all with a brush later on and “draw” the terrain map, then expand off of that. Hard to explain. I’m working on a very large project with a lot of terrain. I’ve been recording and documenting the progress and will create a tutorial on it once finished!


I think I sorta understand. Sorry for the super late reply. Got really busy! Though thank you for the tip!

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A little typo. And tis tutorial was really nice, good job man! (and nice map :stuck_out_tongue:)

Awesome tutorial, I’m glad I found this. One of the major parts where I’m usually stuck at with my builds is where to start. I couldn’t make a good, proper layout myself and I was always dependant on others when it comes to layout. I’d usually handle everything else after that.

This is really helpful for me, thank you so much!


Do you guys use any Free Models? Anything not made 100% or even 70% by you for your maps/projects? For example maybe Roblox catalog items, maybe free model props (like trees, bushes, rocks, etc.) I know people do, but to what extend do you/should you use things not made by you?


Oh my god! Your builds are gorgeous. I think any builder can benefit from this guide. Thanks!


Nice Tutorial helped out a lot!


WOW. This is awesome! This tutorial is so helpful, more people should see this.


This is very helpful! Thanks to you I know how to build maps more better now!


Super useful, Thanks for this awesome information.