Safe Place Project | The Zachjelly Foundation

Safe Place Project | The Zachjelly Foundation

What is The Safe Place Project?

The Safe Place project is a project created by The Zachjelly Foundation to deter unwanted harassment, bullying, racism, workplace toxicity, etc from any of our affiliate roblox groups. The Safe Place Project allows users to report these issues to Roblox & our project. By reporting a group to us we take it very seriously, we investigate what went wrong, how it can be prevented in the future, and take action. The Safe Place Project was originally invested for this purpose, to make sure that your Roblox Employment was as safe as it should be.

We are not a substitute for Roblox Moderation! Please report any serious actions to Roblox Moderators! (You can submit a report by clicking here)

How do I know if an Employer is with the Safe Place Project?

All of our affiliates in The Zachjelly Foundation is apart of the Safe Place Project, each group in our affiliates must follow our rules and Roblox ToS rules to ensure a good and safe working environment. You can also see more details and other groups that are in our Affiliate Program by clicking here

How Can I Report To The Safe Place Project?

You can report any malicious activity or actions to our Discord server which is located the groups "social links". Once there please use the category "The Safe Place Project" and then select the Report text-channel.

Once there please follow this format:

Roblox Username:
Additional Information:

Once you have provided us details on what have happend, we will take action to investigate there group / workplace enviroment, if deemed unacceptable by our Safe Place Council further actions such as Reporting to Roblox, and being out of our Safe Place Project affiliates.

(Please note: We aren’t a substitute for Roblox Moderation! Please use there reporting services for serious actions like harassment, bullying, or other serious actions!)

What are the Rules for The Safe Place Project?

Click here to be directed to our rules for The Safe Place Project

How Can My Group Ally with The Zachjelly Foundation?

In order for you to be "Safe Place Project" certified you must join our Discord server which is located in "social links". Once you have done that please DM one of our Safe Place Project staff workers, and if you meet all of our expectations, rules & procedures. You will be Safe Place Project certified.

You can read our rules and requirements to apply by clicking here

To be navigated to our Main Page for The Zachjelly Foundation click here

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