Safety of Farlands

I’ve received a few questions about the safety of a game of a game with Farlands nature. I have a few stuff to say regarding that. Lets compare Farlands to the standard plot based building game.

If someone builds something inappropriate in a plot based building game, this is what you can normally do about it:

  • IF the game has the feature to hide blocks from certain players, you can use that.
  • IF the game has the feature to report players, you can do that, but it often takes a long time.

That’s literally it, you can’t walk away if your plot is next to it, there’s literally nothing you can do unless the game has any of these features. And feature number 2 is generally slow.

In Farlands however, you can do this:

  • Remove the build yourself / have someone else do it.
  • Walk away, the map is infinite, and if you are being followed, TP away.
  • Report it, either in the community server, or by messaging one of the mods/devs, or in the group comments.
  • (And soon to be added) Hide their blocks

I have also put a lot of effort into the moderation aspect of the game, any moderator can in just a few seconds ban someone, and clear all of their blocks from the game. There is also a votekick system in the game. And you can also see whoever placed a block.