SaharaMonae | Lighting Design Portfolio

Hello! My name is SaharaMonae. I enjoy experimental lighting design and theater lighting here on ROBLOX. I’ve designed many sets for theater companies and recently started creating my own lighting rigs. I’m looking to really expand my reach and jump into new and innovative projects. Here are some of my most recent creations.

Veloce Runway

Veloce Lobby

Future Geometric Neon Lights for Runway

The Lagenhet Project

Weekends during the school year

Game Lobbies- 500R$
Other things will be negotiated to the consumers needs.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Very nice work, FiB would work very well with your lighting skills.

What is FiB? I’m not sure what that is.

Future is Bright

I added the feauture, thank you!

I am not sure if this is still open, but I want you to participate in a game. DM me if interested. Logimite#1015 (Discord).
Great work by the way!