Saki | Clothing Designer [CLOSED UNTIL NEW ADVICE]

About Me

Hiya! I am a hobbyist digital artist who uses both the Medibang Paint Pro and PaintTool SAI art programs. As of now, all my work is either done with an Optic Mouse or a Laptop’s Touchpad.

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Previous Work

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Clothing (Newest to Oldest)

Price List - Clothing

Your order is negotiable. However, its price will always be situated inside the following range:

  • Lowest (Simple Design/Normal Pattern) - 1.50 USD/set (Shirt + Pants)

  • Highest (Complex Design/Unique Pattern) - 30 USD/set (Shirt + Pants)


1. First come, first serve.

2. Understand that progress is shown at my own pace. It will take time to finish your order. If you are going to add a deadline, please be considerate.

3. Once I deliver your completed order, you’re given a 5 days period where you can request any minor last-minute alteration. Any request from days later is frowned upon, but might be taken into consideration.

4. All payments must be done upfront and a purchase receipt/proof is necessary. Any pending currency will either be refunded or you will be have to wait a few days until I begin.

5. I do not accept contracted, hourly pay jobs.

6. I require reference pictures of your order. I allow complexity to a certain degree, and will always tell you if I’m capable to do something.


Feel free to personally DM me if you are interested:

  • Discord - CLOSED