Sale! 100 robux for professional gfx render!

Hello everyone I’m open again! Just purchase the game pass, Show a screenshot, then continue with the format below! Please allow 1-2 days for your order! I have 10 spots available at 100 robux! After 10 get filled, the commision will close and the price will change! So be quick!

Purchase here: Donation 100 - Roblox


Pose Style (Screen Shots advised)
Background color (Solid Colors Only)
Lighting Color


Username: @TypixalDev
Pose Style: Laughing, Back bent backwards, Chuckle type style
Background Color: Silver
Lighting Color: Baby Blue



Please do not steal them or claim the as yours!

Waiting Room: 0 Taken | 10 Available


Username: @ach_er
Pose Style: Laughing
Background Color: grey/black
Lighting Color: Sandish kind of colour

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Would you like to see the same laughing as in the example or a different one?

Unrelated but nice chelsea shirt also I wouldnt mind mine even tho I make gfx aswell
ign : bjjepic
Pose : (Just to test you) Holding a sword
Background : Maybe a Black
Lighting : (if you can use emission plates) but a nice bright blue lighting plate would be nice

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same sort of thing i suppose thanks :slight_smile:

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Username: DukeVentus
Pose Style: Floating/Flying
Background Color: Red/Black/Gold whatever you think looks best.
Lighting Color Red/Gold: Whatever you think looks best.

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This is nice!! I suggest providing more examples if you have them though. If you don’t, you should make a few for display so people know what they would be ordering. x

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Yeah mostly I’m doing this for experience plus examples so when I knock 1-2 more I can use those :smiley:

Username: Logimite
Pose Style: Backflip
Background color: Green
Lighting Color: Green.

also can you send the .blend file when done?

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Username: Sergeant_EDDY
Pose Style: Running
Backround: Red
Lighting Color: Red

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Sure, I can give you the .blend file after I’m done!

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If you request a change to your GFX you have 2 options.

  1. Be around to request a quick change
  2. Wait a bit of some time for some edits

Reason for this is since I’m using the same PaintV3 file I don’t have seperate files for each one so I would have to go back and do them again but if you request a change right away i can change it up before I move onto the next person. Thanks!

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could you make one of my alt? hellomehappy1?

Username: hellomehappy1
Pose Style: Back bent backwards
background colour: Purple, pink and then orange gradient. if you cant do that then orange
Lighting colour: baby blue

Edit: I will be sure to reference you!
Edit 2: Oh boy I hope I get in there in time
Edit 3: I saw it said solid colours only. Sorry for that


No worries you are just in time!

Great I can’t wait. By the way, do I have permission to use this on game thumbnails?


Sword, Emission Plane per request, here you go :slight_smile:

Of course! Just make sure you give proper attribution


Quick question for the backflip which stage would you like it to be in? A screen shot would be helpful! Thanks!