Sales are not loading for users and groups

When trying to view sales, they won’t load for both groups and users. They were working earlier this morning though (around 7AM PST).

Page URL:


Bumping this as it’s quite critical. This also affects groups when you click the ‘Sales’ tab. The APIs involved are seemingly returning the response ‘InternalServerError’ with a HTTP code 500. It’s likely it was a simple mistake on Roblox’s end.

The API endpoints in question are:

I’ve noticed that this endpoint has been performing fairly poorly for the past month or two. I’ve sometimes gotten a HTTP 500 error from it, though most of the time it just takes an absurdly long time to load.


This website bug appears to be fixed now.

Still takes a long time to load though?

This bug report isn’t about loading sales being slow. If you think that’s a bug, then you should make a separate bug report for that.

Right, I mentioned it because it was a symptom of the problem (degraded service). My bad.

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