Salesforce Tower

Hello, I made Salesforce tower for my San Francisco project, I would like opinions about it, if it’s accurate or not, if it fits or not, etc. I made it using a model from 3d warehouse (Credit to its creator) and exporting that model to blender, and then exporting it to roblox using a fbx file, then changing color, and adding the white things, thank you in advance, God bless you!


Looks sick! It fits in well and I think you should add more details to your builds, unless It’s just a fun project. Otherwise you did a great job! :smile:

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look incredible and the look of it really reflective. not bad tower in my opinion but you also can put a window cleaner at the tower as well.anyway keep up the good work and always keep moving forward


Looks amazing, just add more detail into it and it would look bomb, but if you are doing it for fun, in my opinion it looks great!

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Try to add some more detail to it like the window frames instead of it being just one big window.

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The model looks really good! It just need a bit more window outlines. You should also check if its true to scale. (if your going for realistic-ness)

Can I ask if your also planning to make a model of Transbay Terminal?

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Hi! Yes I am also going to make the transbay terminal.

Looks good! Maybe just sprinkle a little bit of detail, like window frames if you up to it, but honestly even with or without it, it looks nice, good job!

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Maybe add some more detail to the window frames.