Salon Development Team Wanted!

About Us

We are a salon underdevelopment looking to succeed on many levels. Our plan is to be different than other salons on Roblox, we strive for the best gameplay and customer service.

Job Information

We are looking for a Low Poly salon, we are recruiting developers who can develop in Low Poly, if you can 3D Model in Low Poly we are still recruiting you. If you are interested in making a salon game for fun join the team and help us bring a game to life.

The Team

Frizz Salon is all about having fun and making friends, join the development team, and make some friends with the ownership team.

Positions we’re hiring:

Builder (only low poly)
Scripter (must be skilled)
Animator (r6 and r15 rigs)
GUI Designer (must do cartoony)
3D Modeler (low poly)

Positions we’ve hired:


I’m mainly looking to do this fun, however we still will provide a contract for developers to sign.

Apply & Contact

You can either contact me on DevForum or on discord at:


Please do not come into my DMs saying “Hi i want to apply” “hi can i apply” or “hi.” Please send your portfolio, say hi, and give me a little insight into your development history.

Normal requirements:

  • Must be mature and professional
  • Must not have safe chat and be 15 or older to apply
  • At least 1 year of experience in the development industry
  • Be active and communicate with the development team daily
  • Have an impressive portfolio or resume
  • Give creative ideas towards the table

Job-specific Requirements:

  • Creative in level design
  • A clear understanding of development
  • Understanding scripts, GUI, 3D Models, and builds.
  • Experience in working with a development team
  • Understanding different types of game testing

Nice to Have

  • Grammar
  • Worked on another salon group before
  • Worked in another successful or professional Roblox studio.
  • Understanding of game development


This is how far we have gotten for doing this project for fun, we’ve released ads recently and gained 100 members and more than 200 game visits. Check out the progress below.


We have a merch store, salon, and restaurant that we are currently working on. As development goes on we are hoping to expand on the interactions for the game.


Thank you for taking your time to read our recruitment post! We are looking forward to working with you. :wave: Our past development team has retired/done their part, we loved working with them now we are interested in working with new development members.

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