Saltscape | Experienced Programmer (RB Battles), GUI Designer, Animator

NOTE: At the moment, I have very limited availability. If you are hiring, though, feel free to contact me anyways!

About Me

Hi! My name is Ben. I’ve been developing on Roblox for over eight years now. Although I specialize in scripting, I also have experience in UI design and animation. I have a basic understanding of modeling in Blender as well.

I have experience in web design, including formal education in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also have light experience in C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Python; I can rapidly learn any language if needed to fill a position. I have a basic understanding of developing in VS Code with Rojo. I have also worked with SQL databases, including implementing them into Roblox games.

I have always enjoyed tinkering, and I love pushing Roblox to its limits. I am current working as a programmer for the RB Battles official event game.


RB Battles

I have been involved in a number of aspects, including front- and back-end programming, GUI design, and animation. It would be difficult to express most of my work in images/videos, but my primary roles in the project are as follows:

  • “Final Battle” programmer
  • Framework/back-end updates and maintenance
  • Minigame updates and maintenance
  • Cutscenes/“movies”
  • Character animations
  • GUI transitions
  • Various effects/particles

You can check out the game here for a complete look.


I strive to write clean, organized, and performant code. I am able to adapt to any style or framework you prefer. I have worked on many different projects of wildly different themes and styles.

Most of my personal work has been experimenting and honing my skillset, rather than releasing my own complete games.

Here is an example of a 2D environment I was experimenting with:

Fully custom chat with admin commands:

A cool robot character for one of my previous projects, Brig (modeled/textured by @honeydewloon, animated by me):

Experimental GUI (also for Brig):

Please contact me if you are interested and would like more references; these only showcase my primary work.


I am able to work Sunday-Friday. I would currently like to work no more than 6-7 hours per day outside of RB Battles.


I would like to receive an annual salary of at least $25k USD (I am not willing to work for a percentage of an unreleased project).


The best place to contact me is on Discord: Saltscape#0001. The Developer Forum is fine as well, if you prefer it.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully we can work together soon!


Amazing stuff! Keep it up!


Really good stuff, you definitely need more recognition!

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Ben is the best scripter I have ever met, I have been working with him for many years and he has always come through. Whether it be a complex project or a simple commission, Ben can get it done.

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I’ve known Ben for years now and we’ve worked on various projects since. He’s extremely skilled in a multitude of development-related facets. If you’re looking for a talented and proficient programmer with strong work ethic, Ben’s your guy.

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Hello there! I am aware the project states “Closed”, however due to your reviews and abilities I might as well shoot my shot.

I have a long-term, lucritive proposition for yourself if you wish to hear it.

Contact info is either DMs here, or @Ser Nerd the Third#7210

I’ve reopened! Looking for a good position; hoping to start as soon as possible.

I’m looking for a new long-term position! If you think I’d be a good fit, please feel free to contact me.

Sent you a friend request, discord tag: strangertingz#1777 I’m very interested!

I am unable to figure out how to contact you on discord, but I am interested in hiring you.
Please contact me on discord here
(It says you are not accepting friend requests)