Samchan77 - Building Portfolio (Closed!)

Hello, I am a builder. I will be consistently adding to this portfolio.

About Builds
I usually do LOW POLY builds, but I can do high poly. I use Blender and Roblox Studios to make my builds.

Few Examples Of Builds

Small Maps

Ruins (WIP MAP)

Low Poly Room V1

Low Poly Room V2

Prison (For Prison Simulator)

One Piece Island

Medium and Big Maps

One Piece Island (Inspired by KOP)

Lobby For A Platform Game

Town Map For LAD (That they hopefully will use)



Buildings for LAD

Other Buildings





I only take ROBUX.
I also, do not take percentages(Negotiable).

I think I am not that expensive

Small Maps (It could be a lot higher depending on detail, but that is minimum) - 750 Robux +

Medium and Big Maps (It could be a lot higher depending on detail, but that is minimum) -
1500 Robux +

Assets - 25 Robux + (really depends)

Contact me here or on ROBLOX. I will give you my discord, so we can talk further.

Thank you - Samchan77


Definitely an affordable service for developers and I reckon I love your low poly builds and assets in particular, good job.


You charge little for your services.
You are good and show quality in what you do.
Therefore, value the time and quality of your work and increase the price for your services.
Especially with the “Dev ex” around.
Good job, you’re very good xD

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not really looking for money in real life.

Looks really good, like them low poly builds keep it up man. Good work on your builds.

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This is some nice work! Keep it up!

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Hey nice stuff, but I have a few suggestions:

  1. A lot of your builds are very squarish (mostly land and environment) I think it’d be beneficial to also display builds with more abstract land and variation.

  2. I think it’d be more professional to show high poly builds if you are going to say you can make them. Your low poly work is very good, you don’t need to stretch your self out too far to widen your range of possible clients.

  3. Your prices are pretty low. As I mentioned in my first reason, I’m not a big fan of your environments. But what you put on your environments I really like! If you want to keep them low that’s understandable, but bumping it up a bit may help you out! I agree with Zak_Sensei mostly about his DevEx reasons, those little prices will make it a very long process to start using DevEx.
    (I see you’re mentioned your not into the money in real life, but even if it is just in robux you may as well get the money worth.)

Overall, really nice stuff! Keep up with the good builds!

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Low-poly builds can look alike. If you send me a picture I can check for sure.

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It’s underneath Other Building and the last one that’s a single house in Studio.

Your builds are wonderful! The prices are very low and you would still get around the same amount of customers by doubling them. I’ll be sure to hire you!

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Do you have proof? I am 100% sure all the stuff above is mine.

I hired Sam three days ago and just received some assets and they were great! He was very nice and helpful. The work is great, I bought some trees and they’re amazing! Totally recommended for anyone who needs some great builds at great costs!


Great builds! I’d like to talk, feel free to add me on Discord, ry#1970.

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I made my prices lower. I will notify you guys when I put in my newest examples.