Same brick color showing differently

When I’m creating a build using parts in studio, colors will show up differently when they are placed on different parts of the baseplate. I’ve tried disabling shadows and messing with other lighting settings but nothing seems to work. This issue is extremely obnoxious and interferes with the build as I’m trying to compare colors on the wall. Is there any way to disable / fix this?

All parts used are Medium Stone Grey.

Can you confirm that the Part.Color values are the same? A part can have a slightly different color, yet be so similar that they still show the same BrickColor value.

Yes, all bricks have the same RGB #'s as their color.

Can you screenshot the properties window of the wedges and the part? Thanks.

It could have to do with the rotations, but I haven’t really noticed it before. It’s just odd that the same color looks differently.

Even if I disable the cast shadow on the top wedge, however still doesn’t solve the issue. So I’m guessing it may not have to do with the shading.

Is the back part plastic? The wedges are metal and it appears as though the other part is not. That would definitely cause discoloration.

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That’s due to roblox lighting. You could mess around with lighting settings, or try turning off CastShadow on the parts (probably won’t work)


Back part was plastic, which i realized but the wedges are both metal and are still discolored