Sample Guidelines

Sample - Community Guidelines
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In this guideline we explain our general rules that you need to follow in the Community Server, Cafe and Session Centers. These rules are probabbly very known in other Communities and are very common. Not following the Guidelines can cause demotions or worse.

General Information
Not following these guidelines would result in a ban/perm ban from our Cafe and Session Centers. Staff also have to follow these rules with their Staff Guidelines. This Guideline has sections to find a subject easy and fast. Following sections are listed below.

  • General Rules
  • Cafe Rules
  • Session Centers Rules

General Rules

General rules are rules that fit in every game from Lestrio. These rules apply on duty, so if you are off-duty you can ignore some of the rules.

These rules may change so keep checking them!

1. Trolling

  • Trolling at the Cafe is not tolerated. After more than 3 Warnings you get kicked from the Cafe for “trolling”. We don’t accept “trolling” as “having fun”.
  • Trolling in a session / at a session will be a direct warn and kick from the host of the session. Trolling as the host of the session will lead to a demotion.
  • Trolling applications will also be declined at our application center and you would get blacklisted from our application center including other games.

2. Exploiting

  • Exploiting any games is not tolerated and you will directly get banned from our games.

3. Behaviour

  • Showing a good behaviour makes people listen to you. You would also sound like someone nice.
  • Being toxic is not allowed. This shows a bad behaviour and would lead in a warning from one of our HR / SHR members.
  • Disrespect is not tolerated and you would get warned by HR / SHR members.

4. Spamming

  • Spamming is not allowed, this means duplicating text in the chat or keep sending the same message over a period of time.

(Here it’s important to know that copy pasting a greeting is allowed, do not keep on saying it the whole time thought!)

5. Leakage, Stealing, Game theft

  • Using exploits to download assets owned by Spiced Cafe is not tolerated in ANY WAY. Spiced will attempt to remove and report any stolen assets.

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6. Pinging Staff or roles that includes many people
Pinging @Staff Members or other ranks can lead to a ban or kick immediently.
Pinging staff in a important case is allowed, but only by other staff members. (HR+)

Cafe Rules

The rules are mostly for the cafe only.

1. Trolling

  • As mentioned in the general Guidelines, we DO NOT tolerate trolling.

2. Not family friendly behavior / content

  • Using inapropriate language IS NOT allowed, even with a bypass.
    Still bypassing will be a direct pban.

3. Advertising & Others

  • Do not advertise and try to get staff for your own group. Doing this will against lead to a ban.

4. Exploiting, Gltiching in

  • Exploiting will of course lead to a direct pban forever. Don’t even try.
    In case if a staff person does this, it will lead to a demotion.

  • Glitching in is going to lead in a direct kick from the game. Don’t glitch in that’s all.

5. Staff abuse

  • Staff abusing their powers? Directly report them at our Communication Server.
    Abusing powers, false ranking, giving others admins ect will directly lead to a demotion and you powers will be taken away.

Session Centers Rules

These rules only apply at the Event center and may not be used at the Resort. Please read the “Resort Rules” section if wanting to know about the rules of the Resort.

1. Commands

  • At the Event center some commands may not be used to “help” at the session. Some commands are only used if there’s no active session. Commands might not be used like:

Abusive Commands
Commands not to be used when there is a active session

Other commands might be used if told to. Regular commands like: sm,m,sh,h
Are only used for announcements. (Some of these commands above in the box might not be in the admin commands.)

2. Session attendance
If you’re not here to attend a session you will be kicked, no matter what.

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