Samsung Tab4 tap position is offset

Hello, I have a 7 inch Samsung Tab4 tablet.
When I join in any game on roblox, this could be my own or games that are optimized for mobile

Where ever I tap, it registers in a different spot, this happens everywhere from the in game menu to the controls, to GUI/s/UI. I’m on the latest version of Roblox, it was like that pretty much ever since I got it on the tablet a few weeks ago.

Its my understanding that Roblox scales to what ever your screen size is, so I don’t know why it’s doing this.
When in the main menus etc it’s fine this only happens when I join a game/place.

Since this is on mobile I can not record it happening and screen shots of it happening doesn’t really show it. There are no other real issues other then this, on my phone its fine.

Thanks for your time reading this.

Edit: in the screen shot I added, the red circle was about where my thumb was. I wasn’t walking so I could take the image, (moved the controler so I’m barely moving). As you can see its not were it should be, if it wasn’t glitched it should be where the red is.
(Don’t mind my weird avatar, I don’t usually use that package)