San Andreas Finest 11/12/2020 Update Log

New Features

Map Difference: The left side of the map was taken out to maximize the playing area. The civilian spawn was moved as well as the Staff Spawn. Minecraft’s Car Dealership was taken out and not replaced.

New Car Features: Many cars were added in as well as a entire new department to work with, including Trucks, Jeeps, Ford Cars, and more.

New Department: The official “San Andreas Park Rangers” Department has officially been released and has a department spawn with uniforms. They will also have a range of new cars including Off Roading and Normal Driving Cars.

Go check out these new added features into our game!

Official Development Team

@kristopher2201 - Lead Developer
@minecraftcena11 - Builder I UI Design I Scripter
@ProOfKilling - Fleet Developer
@DLR7Gaming - Logo Maker I Fleet Developer
@KINGMORGAN102 - Logo Maker