San Dalira WIP City RP game

Currently working on a San Dalira (fictional city) RP game. Will feature everything you would want from a in depth RP game. Some images of the in progress map:

Is the game mainly going to be focused on roads etc, or are the main buildings still under development, so your game would be a mix of both?

Buildings are still in development. This is just the “Roads” map. All assets are being worked on in a seperate game to be easily intergrated into the map.

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I’m assuming you’re working on the map before the scripting? Or is it the other way round?

Either way, I’ll be looking forward to seeing how the game is like when it finished development.

Currently a one man team. Working on both scripting and the map at the same time. A little snippet of our medical system:

This will allow you to attach medical items to the player.

Pretty nice system, maybe add a tween for when the GUI opens/closes? Also, the left side of the GUI buttons seems slightly clipped in, which in my opinion isn’t ideal for the Player.

Anyways, good luck! :sun_with_face: