San Francisco Project

Hello! this is my current progress in my San Francisco project, I would like some opinions about it, thank you in advance, God bless you all!


All the empty blocks tho… Add some more things on this world/map. To me the buildings you have looks very realistic & well made but add things such as bridges, trees, dealerships etc, realistically what a city should have! Also, I’m not getting if the map is too big or the buildings are…? Maybe wanna fix it to make a good proportion?

Goodluck! :+1:

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Yes, the map is too big, thank you for your opinion!

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This…looks… amazing! Those builds seems giant, and they are looking great! But i have a question, can you link the game so we can see the project in game?


Looking at this, I see that there is very little grass or spots for vegetation. Also, maybe consider adding road markings so that the roads aren’t so plain. And pretty much stuff like signs and traffic lights and lamp posts etc. It’s also lacking highways and bridges as Avtixe said, perhaps add those. Other than that the buildings look pretty good.


Yes, the buildings are not giant, actually a normal roblox avatar is bigger than it should be compared to the map, the map it’s in scale, here is the link

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I think it looks interesting but it needs more nature. Also with the huge map size it might preform really bad.

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Due to the huge map, i experienced lag a little. But even with the buildings being tiny and causing lag, i wonder what would happen if they were big…

There seems to be a lot of overlapping parts on the ground, and it’s very disturbing to the eye to see.

Also, the US Bank symbol is copyrighted, you might want to take it down or you might face trouble later on.

Yes I am currently making the buildings, the next part is to complete the roads, the highways and bridges.

I didn’t know it had copyright, but thank you for telling me!

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Any logo/name from a company that exists in real life is most likely copyrighted, that’s why the games that use them have to create their “own version” of the logo and name to not get copyrighted.

I didn’t know that, because as it is a decal from the roblox toolbox, I thought there would not be any problem to put it there, but thank you, I will try to do something about it!

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Hello, I don’t have lag in game rn, but I will do my best to not make it too laggy, if you experience lag you can lower graphics!


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once you expand the map, it will slow start to get more and more laggy, even with low graphics. If you truly want to keep the map size like this, then PLEASE don’t turn on shadowmap.

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Yay! Can you make the Full/Fuller House house? Thanks!


Yes, I am going to make it!
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Looks fantastic! I wish you the best of luck when finalizing this project!

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This is quite good! I do have a few suggestions thought:

  1. Scale the buildings such that they will be much bigger than the avatar.
  2. If you scaled the building already, then you could add some things in it. Like if it’s a cafe, then add some tables and chairs in it and some NPC’s drinking coffee.
  3. Add signs. This will REALLY improve the vibe of the whole entire game and make it seem more real. You could use this plugin called 3d text to create some 3d text(kinda self explanatory). Some neon signs will be great as well.
  4. You could reference off some Google images of San Francisco for some ideas for buildings.
    That’s all. Hope your build goes well!
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