Santa Monica California - Public Handbook


:star2: Santa Monica California



Game Rules


In Game Rules.
➤1.01 - Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

➤2.02 - Suicide RP and Terrorism RP are not allowed.

➤3.03 - No RDM/VDM. RDM (Random death match): killing/attempting to kill without intent and roleplay. VDM (Vehicle deathmatch): using a vehicle to kill/attempt to kill without intent or roleplay.

➤4.04 - Meta-gaming is not allowed. Meta-gaming: the act of using out-of-character/external information for in-game situations.

➤5.05 - No exploiting or hacking. This includes: AFK farming, abusing in-game bugs, etc. This will result in an immediate ban

➤6.06 - Follow the NLR rule. NLR (New-Life Rule): if you character is hurt in a way in which they cannot survive (headshotted, burned to death, etc)

➤7.07 - Follow FearRP. FearRP: fearing for your life. For example, if you are alone in an alleyway and 4 gang members hold you at gunpoint and you cannot escape without dying, you must follow FearRP.

➤8.08 - Do not FailRP. Due to the mechanics of Roblox, things that are completely unrealistic and down right impossible to do are easily done while in game.

➤9.09 - Combat logging will result in an immediate ban. For example, logging out to avoid jail consequences or respawning without permission while in an RP situation can result in a ban

➤ 10.01 - LTAS leaving to avoid staff will result in an immediate ban. For example, Getting Jailed by a staff member and leaving instantly

➤ 10.02 - LTAP Leaving to avoid Punishment will result in an immediate ban. For Example, Getting Stopped by a staff member for RDM and Leaving the game.

Ban Appeal


:bangbang: This Discord server is the support and appeal server for Santa Monica California, you must join it in order to create In-Game Admin support tickets to appeal your ban, or for assistance in game.


  • You must wait a month before appealing your ban unless you think the ban was a mistake.

  • Expect your appeal to be reviewed within seven days upon submission.

  • Exploiting bans are permanent and cannot be appealed.

  • Do not lie when submitting an appeal as we have logs of everything, doing so will result in your punishment worse.

Moderator Command List


:resetview - resets the players view to normal

:face - Allows you to put any Roblox face on a player

:unfly - Disables fly

:unsparkles - Removes sparkles from a player

:musiclist - Shows a list of songs you can play

!getscript - Allows you to buy Adonis

:pnum - Tells you the number of players in your server

!notepad - Gives you a pad to put notes on

!client - Brings up a dashboard of info about the game and Adonis

:nofog - Removes fog

:uncolorcorrect - Fixes the view of the game to what it originally was

:puke - Makes the player puke

:hole - Sends the player through a black hole and kills them

:cape - Gives the player a cape

:smoke - Gives the player smoke effects

:chatnotify - Sends a red message to the targeted player

:thaw - Unfreezes the player from the ice

:freecam - Freezes the player and allows you to look around

:lock - Does nothing

:hcountdown - Sets a countdown on the top of everyone’s screen

:mat - Makes the targeted player a material of your choosing

!credit - Shows credits to Adonis

:changelog - Shows what has changed to Adonis

:animation - Puts an animation on the chosen player

:waypoint - Shows the targeted players waypoint

:ghostify - Turns the player’s body clear like a ghost

:countdown - Creates a countdown on the bottom left of everyone’s screen’

!rejoin - Makes you rejoin the game

:trip - Trips the player

:removepackage - Removes any packages on a player

:stickify - Turns the player into a stick figure

:unfire - Removes fire from a player

:sceleratis - Makes the player into a skeleton with a squid on their head

:god - Makes the player invincible

:view - Shows the targeted players view

:spin - Spins the player

:players - Shows a list of players

:headlian - Removes your head and adds a face to your body

:poison - Poisons the player

:skeleton - Turns the player into a skeleton

:unchat - Does nothing

:flatten - Makes a player flat

:unslippery - Makes the player not slide

!example - Tells how to look at commands

:volume - Changes how loud or quiet the audio playing is

:unsunrays - Removes sun rays

:locallog - Shows the logs of the players body

:details - Explains game details

!clean - Does nothing

:removehats - Removes the players hats

!help - Does nothing

:viewcam - Does nothing

:jump - Makes a player jump

:taudio - Gives the players audio that follows them around

:unbunnyhop - Makes you not jump continuously

:unrope - Does nothing

:vibrate - Does nothing

:fview - Makes you or the target see another player’s view

:unguiview - Does nothing

:capes - Gives a list of capes

:waypoints - Shows the waypoints

:rainbowify - Makes the players skin tone change colors

:oddliest - Does Headlian then puts a sign on them that says “Kick Me”

!info - Brings up the Adonis dashboard

:fixplayerlighting - Fixes the players lighting

:clearguis - Does nothing

:unname - Does nothing

:neon - Makes the player neon

:tell - Tells a player a private message

:fov - Stretches out the players screen

:unblur - Does nothing

:clickwalk - Wherever you click, you go

:removelimbs - Makes the player fall apart

:errorlogs - Shows errors

:cameras - Does nothing

:noclip - Allows the player to walk through walls

:light - Makes the color selected glow around the player

:flynoclip - Allows you to fly and use no-clip at the same time.

:ungod - Removes invincibility from you

:startertools - Does nothing

:afk Sets your status in-game to AFK

:mpm - Sends a private message to a chosen player

:shadows - Allows you to toggle on/off of shadows

:unseizure - Stops you from having a seizure

:createdparts - Does nothing

:bchat - Chat using chat bubbles

:oldflatten - flattens certain parts of the targeted player

:shiney - Makes the chosen player shine

:startergive - Gives a tool to the chosen player

:undeadlands - Does nothing

:ice - Freezes the player

:info - Gives player info

:heal - Gives player all their health back

:unfreecam - Stops free cam

:music - Plays the music of your choosing (Turn music off when you leave)

:unparticle - Removes particles from a player

:unphase - Gives back the players hair, hats, and accessories

:creeper - Puts a part on your back with no texture or color

:clickteleport - Allows you to click on anything, and teleport

:untrack - Stops you from tracking a player

:clip - Disables no-clip

:respawn - Sends the person back to their spawn

:uncharaudio - Stops audio on your character

:piano - Gives the player a virtual piano

:invisible - Allows you to disappear

!pets - Does nothing

!donate - Allows you to donate Robux to the owner of Adonis

:shirt - Changes the shirt of the targeted player to what you set it as

:bighead - Gives you a big head

:unlock - Does nothing

:time - Does nothing

:fogcolor - Sets the color of the fog

:freeze - Stops the player from moving

:joinlogs - Tells you who join and who left

:rarm - Changes the player’s right arm to what you set it as

:freefall - Teleports you to the height chosen and makes you fall

:sfling - Creates bombs to the number chosen and makes the player sit

:phase - Makes the player’s hair, hats, and accessories fall off them

!agents - Does nothing

:tp - Teleports the player to the other player chosen

:nograv - Removes the player’s gravity

:jpower - Controls how powerful the players jump is

:pm - Sends a private message to the chosen player to the bottom left

:unjail - Does nothing

:oambient - Does nothing

:fix - Does nothing

:sparkles - Gives the selected players sparkles

:uncape - Removes any cape on the selected player

:lleg - Changes the players left leg to what you set it as

!keybinds - Shows the Adonis dashboard

:shrek - Turns the player into Shrek

:unloopfling - Removes loopfling from the player selected

:dogg - Turns the player into snoop dogg

:color - Changes the players color to what you set it as

:torso - Changes the player’s torso to what you set it as

:give - Does nothing

:larm - Changes the players left arm to what you set it as

:talk - Makes another player say, what you’ve written

:pants - Changes the players pants to your choice

:swagify - Puts a red suit on you with a cape

:fly - Allows you to fly

!quote - Creates a random quote for everyone to see

:unstun - Does nothing

:k1tty - Makes the player turn into Hello Kitty

:grav - Does nothing

!ping - Shows your ping

:servers - Shows servers

:to - Allows you to teleport to players (Ask for their perms to teleport)

:bunnyhop - Makes you jump constantly

:nyan - Turns the player into Nyan Cat

:insclear - Does nothing

:bring - Brings the player of your choice to you (Ask them first)

:breakdance - Makes you breakdance with sparkles

:char - Can change into any player (Ask perms to use other peoples avatar)

:makecam - Does nothing

:colorcorrect - Changes the color, brightness, and etc of the player’s screen

:sp00ky - Turns the player into a skeleton

:unlightingeffect - Removes lighting effects

:infect - Makes you infected and turns you green

:uneffect - Removes effects from a player

:fr0g - Turns the player into a rainbow frog

:unpunish - Does nothing

:timebanlist - Does nothing

:clear - Does nothing

:particle - Gives the player particles

:track - Allows you to know where a player is at

:serverinstances - Shows the servers events

:break - Does nothing

:unsmoke - Removes smoke from the chosen player

:resize - Changes the player’s size

:ff - Makes a force field around the player selected

:dance - Makes the player dance

:tools - Does nothing

:visible - Makes you reappear from invisible

:unpin - Does nothing

:seizure - Makes the player move all over the place like a real seizure

:sh1a - Changes the player chosen into Shia Labeouf (Just Do It Guy)

:screenimage - Makes an image appear on the player’s screen

:starterremove - Does nothing

:speed - Changes the player’s speed to what you choose

:rleg - Changes the player’s right leg to what you choose

:unbloom - Does nothing

:charaudio - Creates audio on the player and follows you around

:package - Does nothing

:cmds - Gives you a list of commands

:unlight - Removes the color glow from the player

:dog - Turns the player into a dog

:control - Gives you control of the player you choose (Ask permission first)

:setgrav - Changes the player’s gravity to your choice

:fire - Makes fire particles on the player you choose

:rank - Does nothing

:unloopheal - Stops loopheal from the selected player

:smallhead - Gives the player a small head

:shuffle - Allows you to go through a playlist of songs of your choosing

:disco - Creates a flashing color on everyone’s screen

:delwaypoint - Removes the chosen players waypoint

:goldify - Turns the chosen player into gold

:outlines - Does nothing

!donors - Does nothing

:sunrays - Does nothing

:stopmusic - Stops music played from a Server Host

:replications - Does nothing

:unthermal - Does nothing

:slippery - Makes the player slide all over the place

:brightness - Changes the player’s brightness on their screen

:unff - Removes ff (Force Field) from the selected player

:cmdbox - Creates a GUI where you can execute commands in

!join - Allows you to join a chosen players server

:hat - Puts a hat of your choice on a player of your choosing

:noobify - Turns the player into a noob

:h - Sends a message on the top of everyone’s screen

:sit - Makes the targeted player sit

:refresh - Respawns the player

:fling - Flings the chosen player

:sbl - Shows Synced Ban List

:m - Shows a message in the middle of everyone’s screen

:unglitch - Does nothing

:n - Sends a message in a box towards the middle of the screen

:unchar - Removes the chosen players outfit that they morphed into

:clientinstances - Shows the chosen players info and events

!usage - Shows prefixes for commands

:loopheal - Allows the chosen player to constantly heal


Thanks for viewing the official Santa Monica California Public Handbook!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a High Rank.

:pencil2: UPDATED: 3/19/23

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