SaqibPlayz | 3D Artist/Graphics Designer

Hi there, I’m Saqib, I’v been doing graphic designing for 2 years and have been learning to improve my work every time I make a new GFX. I’m quite friendly and I’ve been on ROBLOX since 2016! If you have a question or just want to message me for some reason you can message me on Discord or Twitter. I’d recommend you message me on Discord for a much earlier response, I’ll try get back to you as soon as I can either way!

What software do you use to make GFX?

My main software that I use is blender, it’s completely free! I do have Cinema 4D but I don’t know how to use it (feel free to send me tutorials on Cinema 4D). I use photoshop to edit most of my work. The great thing about Blender is that it doesn’t take too long to learn and is free!

What’s up with my pricing?

The thing is I try and make fair and affordable pricing which I think is the right price. I don’t see my GFX as incredibly professional that is the case why I don’t charge much, but that doesn’t stop me from rising them. My commissions can sometimes get out of hand when I get too much which I’m finding a big problem at the moment so I may be considering to raise my price. I’ll usually charge higher when the GFX is more complex then regular but I am trying to improve everyday!


Commission Sheet

What could affect the cost of an order?

The prices usually vary due to complexity or high demand. I’m getting paid for the time spent on it and how the final product ends up.

What affects the prices?

  1. Textures that require a lot of working with such as Roblox textures on generated maps, realistic maps with different types of style.

  2. Amount of characters and how big the scene is. This can effect the price because the more scenery and complexity there is then the more my PC will start to struggle. Of course it’s not the clients fault, some requests can push my computer to it’s limits!

  3. Remodeling/Customizing and creating game aspects; If your game assets are broken or aren’t working or you need me to create some aspects of your game, I will have to charge extra for fixing issues and creating assets due to the time it takes.

  4. The biggest price factor comes from demand. If my commissions are completely full, clients can pay a higher price to have their commissions done before others. And if I’m unable to take any more commissions I will charge an extra fee to be on the wait list!

  5. The complexity of commissions, as things get more and more demanding for the commission, it takes up more of my time, they get more expensive too.

Price Details (Check Commission Sheet!)

I only accept Robux payment at the moment!
You can pay with group funds, my group shirts or Robux gift cards!

Thumbnail Pricing 700 - 1.2k

Icon Pricing 200 - 400

GFX Signature Pricing 75 - 100

Terms & Conditions
  • I always retain the right to back out of a commission assuming payment hasn’t been given. An agreement will not be seen as an official deal unless part or full payment has been given.

  • The prices can be changed in my control, arguing against it will only lead to a cancellation of the commission. (See “ What could affect the cost of an order?”.)

  • I can refuse any commissions

  • No refunds available if the artwork is completed, you are paying me for my time and not for the final product.

When you purchase a thumbnail, you can ask for it to be more directed as an icon instead of having an icon made separately!






GFX Signatures


Contact me at SaqibPlayZ#2152 or by Twitter DM

You can follow me on twitter @Saq1bZ

Big thanks to my biggest inspiration i5k go follow him to @rightIess

Thank you, have an amazing day! :smile:


Wow, they’re all really good. I think you should increase the prices


Really? I just raised them! What price would you recommend?

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Amazing stuff; I’m definitely going to commission you in the future.


Maybe 2000 - 5000 but I’m not really good at pricing


Thanks for the suggestion anyway!


Hey, i’m having a bit of trouble adding you, can you add me instead? Dio™#6093


Amazing! I will consider commissioning you once my games ready for release!

Good job, keep it up!

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I confused I like your work too much im looking for way to get money to buy from you . You are awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Amazing work for such a cheap price! Might get a commission from you some day. Keep up the amazing work!

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You are now making robux out of your art, congratulations dude!

You deserve it, you are very great at art and you deserve to be rewarded for that!

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I’m gonna hire you I’ll dm you

I was interested in ordering a signature, but your tag doesn’t work. If you’re still available then it would be nice if you contacted me on Discord. Black#8000

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SaqibPlayZ is a great artist, I just received a commission from him, quality work, I recommend him.

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Wow, I would love to order but your Discord tag doesn’t work…

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Oops sorry about that, I forgot to change it. Here’s the updated tag - SaqibPlayZ#2152

Requested! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent you a friend request, my discord is Vortex#5258

I sent a friend request, I am called Kurtz_Graphics#0001.