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Looks like an issue with TopbarPlus. I’ll take a look into it but the Creator Marketplace uses an older version of ToobarPlus so that is likely causing it to create that error.

Refreshed Documentation for Satchel

We’ve been working for the past few weeks on refreshing our documentation website and are happy to say that it’s live now. Some changes include:

  • Being able to install the docs site as an app (Progressive Web App)
  • Improved and more code samples for using the API
  • Better dark, light, and an automatic theme
  • Faster loading and responsiveness
  • and much more

We hope with these changes, to improve the quality of our documentation and make it easier to understand and use Satchel to it’s fullest.

Web App Screenshots




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I was able to implement TopbarPlus 3.0.0 in my use of Satchel by commenting out InventoryIcon:setImageYScale(1.12) in SatchelScript and replacing it with InventoryIcon:setImageScale(1.12).

I also commented out line 1922 in SatchelScript which looks for .Modal. This may be a breaking change, but hasn’t been for me so far.


Actual support for TopbarPlus v3 is being reviewed now for platform stability. Any changes you make yourself may not be as well tested and reviewed.

If you want TopbarPlus v3 now then it is recommended you copy the code in the pull request for TopbarPlus v3. From our current testing it is very stable and working on computer, phone, tablet, and console. VR is still pending.


v1.3.0 focuses on changes for developers and back-end with improvements to the development experience including API, documentation, syncing, and more. They are minor changes that the average user won’t notice but ones that developers will.


  • Add support for TopbarPlus v3 in #61
  • Add Luau LSP (for development) and improve types by in #49
  • Add strict type checking in #36
  • Add Font attribute to Rojo in #50


  • Change default font from Gotham to Builder Sans in #69
  • Refactor Rojo structure and sync in #39
  • Replace tick() with os.clock() by @Katrist in #47


  • Fix linting warnings for deprecated APIs in #45
  • Fix EquipNewTool behavior in #29

New Contributors

Full Changelog: Comparing v1.2.0...v1.3.0 · RyanLua/Satchel · GitHub


Satchel.rbxm (108.9 KB)
Satchel.rbxmx (298.9 KB)

GitHub Release

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Is it just me or the rbxm localscript only have.

print("Hello world!")

Unequipping and reequipping a tool makes the border get smaller each time for some reason

Just change it to require the module, worked for me

Where are you getting Satchel from?

I identified that the .rbxm and .rbxmx files I’ve been using don’t have the right loader. It should be fixed now.

I’m unable to reproduce this bug. Could you please message me on how you performed this bug and what device you are using?

Fixed now, pretty sure it was just a module I was using causing it

Also, the local script still just says print("Hello World!") (redownloaded it just now from github), and the version from the creator marketplace is offsale

I’m currently aware of this. Roblox for some reason has removed Satchel with the reason being “Misusing Roblox Systems” so I’m only left to guess what I did wrong. I’ll be trying to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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Is there any news about this case?

Hello, this is happening… basically, the name won’t show fully, the name of the tool is ‘Water Bottle’. A friend of mine uses Satchel and this doesn’t happen.

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It should be resolved, let me know if you still can’t access the model.

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I messed up text wrapping when changing the font for Satchel I have a fix that will be included for the next release. For now, you can manually copy the changes in this PR if you want a fix.

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There’s an issue where if you move quickly while dragging an item it bugs out.

We’re pretty aware of that issue and will eventually come to fix it but for now, just don’t drag the tools around crazy.

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Hi there,

I’m having issues at times where the original hotbar is showing up behind the satchel hotbar.

I have thus far been unable to pinpoint why this happens as it seems to be random. It does not happen at the same time, or in the same places, or with the same tools for everyone, and doesn’t seem tied to any particular device time (certainly happens on mobile and pc).

I realise I haven’t given you a lot to go on, I was more wondering if anyone else had reported similar issues?

Satchel is a fantastic system, thank you so much for sharing it with us.

ETA: I am well aware this (is probably) could be something I’ve done wrong, rather than something in the script itself.

This module has really helped me out as I was struggling with toggling players’ tools temporarily in game. I binded a remote event to be able to toggle any Player’s tools from server. The design is great, the optimization is great too. Didn’t affect any scripts at all.

However, I have found this weird issue where if you’re willing to use circle icons, you need to set CornerRadius to (1, 0) which causes the inventory to look weird.

I made a fix by modfying the code a bit

-- Background
local BACKGROUND_TRANSPARENCY_DEFAULT: number = targetScript:GetAttribute("BackgroundTransparency") or 0.3
local BACKGROUND_CORNER_RADIUS: UDim =, 8) --targetScript:GetAttribute("CornerRadius") or, 8)
local BACKGROUND_COLOR: Color3 = targetScript:GetAttribute("BackgroundColor3")
	or / 255, 27 / 255, 29 / 255)

You can also do the same for Search bar attribute.