Save previous published-to group when publishing or saving new asset

Currently, the process of uploading new and overwriting existing animation assets is tedious and takes more time than it should because each time I upload an asset, I have to change from “new asset” to “Overwrite an existing asset”, then change creator to the target group, and only then scroll through the animations to select what to overwrite.
This is how the process looks for each animation, whereas I have about 20-30 animations to overwrite in total:

If the window remembered my previous selections from within the same session, I wouldn’t have to go through the same selection process for every asset.


Definitely this.

I don’t usually save more than a couple animations at a time myself, but a similar feature that I’d love to have is having any upload already autofilled to the owner of the place that I am working in.

This feature request could be further generalized. What if Roblox Studio supported macros? Eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks would greatly improve workflow.

A major pain-point lies in having to individually open up and scroll for each asset when I want to make bulk-changes. As such, the ability to directly drag-n-drop animations from the asset manager would make this process 10x easier and faster.