Save undo / redo history to place file

The idea occurred to me after reading this post. For your convenience, here’s a quote:

While I do want this to stop happening (accidental delete then Save, call it Human Error#23), I think it could be fixed if the Autosave feature actually autosaved every 5 minutes (my last Autosave was 2 months ago). Human Error #23 would only ever lose u 5 minutes of work then (if Autosaved work like it should, stated here.)

If there were more reasons for this to be put into place other than Error #23 then I could see this happening. It does seem useful. I wonder how much extra file space it would take to save, if it’s significant I’d make it toggable/limit amount of history. I mean it would record all the action history, dating back several months. That’d stack up.

I’m pretty sure undo history is already limited. So it wouldn’t stack for months, but rather cap at 20 undo actions or whatever the number.

Am I the only one whose Autosave actually works all the time?