Saving a players backpack

Title says it all. How would I save a players backpack when they leave?

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Hey man, I know you’re saying on how to save a players backpack, but here are some resources that might help you out.

Maybe learn about DataStores?

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@mysticalsunshine22 shared a great resource, however, there are hundreds more as well. I have used this one a lot for learning the basics.

It also comes with my favorite section: Copy + Paste for lazy people…

EDIT: This one uses the built-in data-store system in Roblox

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You can make your own datastore, but remember, it won’t be very secure. (if you’re using basic datastores.)

I’d suggest you use something like DataStore2 or ProfileService (though they are quite advanced)

Now to save player’s backpack: (simplest way)

-You can create a folder inside the player called Tools.
-You can create Bool Values with the tool names
-When the player leave you can save those Bools data
-And when the player joins you can load that data and clone the tools to the player’s backpack


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