Saving an infinite/very high amount of outfits

As encouraged by the notice on the avatar editor page and in the recent blog post, I decided to preserve all the to-be-removed body colors and relevant variations.
However, to my surprise I hit a maximum number of outfits: although I’m paying for OBC and can have pretty much infinite of anything else, I’m for no reason limited in the amount of outfits I can save for my character.
Please remove or adjust this pointless limit, so that I can save an infinite or very high amount of outfits.


I’m hoping Roblox is going to re-evaluate their decision.


judging by the past few updates and the response to them and the lack of response thereof, doubtful.


How many can we save now?

I think around 50.

i really don’t think its nearly as big of a deal as some people think…
we still have a fairly wide range of hues to choose from, we’re just being limited to the less-saturated, more natural colors now. i think this is a good change as having more realistic (and less silly) looking avatars will attract more people to the game who would otherwise dismiss it as kids stuff

and i also think a lot of people are forgetting that body colors are … not… our primary method of customization
and even for people who use primarily use body colors (like me!), roblox has been nice enough to give us a heads up so we can still use our weird body colors if we want to

and not to be too disrespectful, but @visleaf, is it really necessary to save all 68,719,476,736 different combinations of body colors to use in the future? do you really switch that frequently and drastically?


I wouldn’t even consider them realistic. Just more aesthetically pleasing for characters. How many games have you guys played that allow you to dress in such bright colors?


The point of saving them as outfits is to preserve the ability to choose. I’d rather not lose any choices if possible, so it makes sense for me to request more outfit slots.

Body colors are pretty primary (on paper) now that shirts cannot cost tickets and as always require BC to be created. If I want a white torso with a t-shirt of choice I’d now need to buy a plain colored shirt off of the catalog and equip that. It’s infinitely less convenient than just turning my torso white.

Black pants? Color the legs black. Again, infinitely more convenient than having to purchase or make a pair of pants. Bodycolors are mostly important to me as a background color for transparent t-shirts.



When the price floor update came out, nothing has changed since; new members get one set of clothing and that’s it. Now if they choose to remove it they’ll basically just be naked with no color options.

I use colours all the time to make my character look snazzy;

The fact that new users who don’t pay robux or receive robux from other people is still a major contributor to how little new users or accounts can barely customize themselves. We were told free options would become a thing, but that hasn’t happened; and it likely never will.

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I suggested this too. I ran out of outfits long ago and it stinks that I can’t make anymore, I love making up my own costumes and cool hat combos.



As a Roblox user, this limit of 50 outfits/costumes is still in place today. I find this heavily limits how many outfits I can create, and it would be really nice if it could be increased, or changed to a limit per time cycle, instead of a hard cap, but obviously the implementation shouldn’t be any concern to me.

This especially becomes more tedious as time goes on and you create more interesting outfits you wish to save. I’ve had this account for only six years, but I’ve been stuck at the 50 cap, which forces me to delete any old outfits I’ve made, which really does suck as many of the items I have in the outfits I don’t have any more, and like to look at them for memories sake, as each costume has its own memories associated with them, and in the chance I do get these items again, I’d love to try them on again.

I would find an increased cap to be very beneficial and allow me to create more costumes and designs without the need to worry about capping out so soon and needing to delete previous creations. This would improve my experience tremendously, as it would allow me to express myself easier, especially considering our outfits and designs change over time.


pls giv mor outfits, I’d gladly pay Robux for more outfit slots

50 might sound like a lot on paper, but people like saving variations of similar outfits.

I’ve had to scrap many outfits to save newer ones (and I’m a straight cis male, I feel other demographics might want even more slots than I do)


there’s also this this post requesting this from 7 years ago:

thx for reading :+1:


Please, bump the limit to at least 300. I am running into this problem everyday whenever I make another cosplay outfit and I am forced to either delete one or not create any new. I doubt that it’s a lot of data to save since you are just storing array of 64-bit integer values representing asset ids.

It’s deterring me from buying more outfits, which is a lost profit for creators and Roblox.


bumping this, we definitely need more outfit slots, and considering how many premium exclusive features have changed to be for everyone, this could be an easy one