Saving game to Roblox should not have "Team Create" enabled by default

When saving a place to Roblox, the checkmark for “Team Create” is enabled by default, even though it shouldn’t be, realistically.

Most people who create places are usually doing solo projects by themselves, and if they are going to work on a project with someone, will usually only do it on one specific place.

By enabling team create by default, if you don’t notice it’s on, it will mean it takes significantly longer to edit scripts, save scripts, load the place, and update the place because it is making calls to the cloud every time a change is made.

My experience would be better, as I wouldn’t have to turn this off every time I create a new place, and if I did forget, I wouldn’t have to experience lag or unnecessary delays while programming or updating my game as studio would not need to contact the cloud every so often.

I would also like to mention that it is significantly easier to enable team create in studio, than disable it, so it would also save me time, as I would not have to go through multiple stages just to turn it off.