Saving level unlocks

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    when player reaches an exit unlock another level
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    I do not know how all the searches failed
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    I tried to use badges but It will get very expensive to make new ones for each level. I look for solution on developer hub but all of them have tutorials like gold for leader stats
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Hello all I am trying to save/unlock a level when a player reaches an exit in my game.

For example:

There are 5 levels in the game and the player only has level one unlocked. When player reaches the exit in the first level they unlock the second level so incase they leave they can continue where they left off by clicking level 2 in the main menu.

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I won’t post codez as this info Is pretty easy to find after one Google search

Try either using datastores, or if you have 5 stages, give a badge every completed stage, unlock button for stage 2 if player has stage 1 badge (use Badgeservice:UserOwnsBadgeAsync(player, badgeid)

ya man do you think you could linky a tutorial for my question because I look at the data store tutorial but it say leaderstats and I dont think that will work with my case :grinning:

What @Noobik35 was trying to say was that they’d rather have you learn it step-by-step instead of a YouTuber spoon-feeding you the entire way through.

Roblox Documentation

Give these links a try. They will help you strengthen your ability to build on your knowledge.

mane i read the documentarys however ian know wudda do wit it so I watch the tutoriels but they talm bout leaderstats and things of that nature ya heerd?

DataStoreService allows you to save and load between play sessions. The main functions youll need to use are:

MyDataStore:SetAsync(key, thing-to-save-on-key
MyDataStore:UpdateAsync(key, thing-to-save-on-key)

For more in depth, read the article provided by Confident letter

As for leaderstqts, most YouTube tutorials use leaderstats so that when you make a coin int value, it displays with the player list. You don’t have to do it, but if you want to, you could

Hope I helped