Saving Models to Existing Models

The new way to save models to existing models feels very clunky. I have a model that I use InsertService to load in multiple places and it’s pretty far down in my group models… however, the infinite scroll loading technique usually breaks before I even get to said model. I usually have to close and re-open studio multiple times before I can even scroll to the model I need to save to. I hope this gets fixed soon… Is there any way to save to a certain model ID for the time being? This is very time consuming and counter-productive for me to spend my time trying to get around something that in the past was very simple.


To clarify, when you’re trying to overwrite models using Save To Roblox in Studio, you cannot scroll down far enough to find the model you want to overwrite?

This window needs to have a search option.


Can confirm that it’s a issue for me, and a search bar should be added like said above, meanwhile the toolbox also has inserting issues, mainly when your trying to insert something, it doesn’t.

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Yes. That is the problem that I am having. The infinite scrolling (where when you reach the bottom it generates more models) seems to randomly break and I have to re-open Studio and keep trying until I’m able to get to the model I need.

It would seem as if a majority of my models aren’t even loading anymore for me to re-upload them.


Hello, the team has been unable to reproduce these issues in house. Any more information shared can give us a better insight into why this might be occurring. Such as how complex the models you are trying to overwrite are to how big your inventory is. Thanks in advance.

Toolbox inserting issues might be something unrelated to this. If you are able to reproduce this consistently please reach out and we’ll investigate further.

Hey, thanks for the reply! Uploading the models is perfectly fine on my end, my problem is that it’s pretty deep into my inventory and sometimes it won’t load that far down in my models. It’s supposed to load more models to scroll through everytime you hit the bottom of the list but sometimes it just stops and won’t load anymore and the only way I’ve found to fix this once it happens is to re-open studio and try again.

Do you, by any chance, know how many models? We currently use accounts with 1000+ models and scripts and are unable to encounter this issue.

It was only about 50-75 models in. Nowhere close to 1,000+

I actually just had to upload to the model again earlier today & didn’t encounter the problem at all. If I do encounter it again though, is there any sort of logs or something that I can send in to be reviewed to help with the problem?