Saving only works

hi, is there any reason why my saving script only works in studio and not in game? I have made sure to save script drafts

Have you tried publishing the game? Alt + P on Windows, Option + P on Mac

yes, I have tried publishing and saving several times

Do you happen to have Collaborative Script editing on, or team create?

yes I have team create turned on

Are you committing your scripts?

I don’t think so, where on the view panel is the drafts?

drafts is not there

I’m not sure how to open the drafts panel myself, but you can try right clicking the tab with the script editor and clicking “Apply Edits”

after you do something to a script, close the script tab and it will apply the script edits. Usually says “Applying script edits” sometimes puts in the output “applied edits from User at Time”

In Game Settings there should be somewhere where it says collaborative editing turn that on and youll see drafts but you have to restart roblox studio in order for the game setting to fully turn on

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Any script opened in that little line of scripts, close it, you will get a notification saying applying edits from your script.

try using the developer console while in roblox to find errors, a while ago I made a script that only worked on studio, once I pressed f9 by accident and I saw that the culprit was a Union error that only happened on Roblox not on Studio.

Press f9 to open it