Saving RBX file of a game in studio

I want to save my game as a rbxl file to my computer. The game has five places with the lobby as the main place. After I download a copy of the game to my computer the places are not saving. When I open the saved rbxl file from studio. I saved and publish the game on Roblox before I download a copy to my computer. I searched but I could find anything related to my issues. Has anyone else encountered this issue before? If so, what is the fix?


Does one map save or just none? I think the way that you save place files as a .rbxl file it is only one place file.

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Basically when I open the saved rbxl file. I get the message in the second image. Seems to me that nothing is saving.

Yea because it is not saved to Roblox? When you download a copy, if you open the downloaded place file it will open up but because of it being saved on your computer it will not be saved to Roblox (only the main file you downloaded it from) if that makes any sense to you.

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Well how do I save my game as a rbxl file? I only have an option to save, publish, or download a copy. Why would I need to download an empty version of the game?

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By downloading it as a copy? This will give you a version of the place file without anything linked to it.

If you mean your looking to have all the places that are inside of the experience in one file, I don’t think this is currently possibly because of the way that place file and experiences work.

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