Saving Settings in Datastore


I have a script to save an inventory, and was thinking I would use this to save some settings, as a datastore. Do you think this would be efficient, or would creating a datastore for each setting be more efficient?

I wouldn’t save each setting, but keep all the settings in one place to have easier access to them. I use DataStore2 here. It combines keys for easier access and has data prevention loss if you would want to look into it. It also improves performance by caching data.


I’ll probably stick with the normal one for now.

My datastore for inventories saves as a table, that’s why I thought I could save the settings like that.

I use DataStore2 for my inventories and not just updating values. It’s complicated and I won’t show my code out, but you can save the table to DataStore2 by just using :Get(). I won’t disclose my code for personal reasons, but I got the creator of DataStore2 to tell me that you can treat the values of DataStore just like a table. Good luck!

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