Saving the Equipped Tool on death

How would I go about saving the player’s tool that they were using right before the players death? My game relies on a custom backpack system
where only one item can be equipped at a time and the game is pvp based so the player is dying a lot. For convenience sake I want to add a script to detect what sword the player is using when they die and automatically equip it when they respawn. Any useful tips? I figure you could just set a variable to whatever the characters holding and then clone it, but i’m not sure the exact syntax.

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You can get the tool inside (when Humanoid.Died fires) the character and being based on the tools name clone the tool into the player’s backpack

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Search it up, unless theres nothing that helps

There are also models in the toolbox that help save tools

You could set an Attribute for the player named “Tool” or w/e with the value being the name of the tool you want them to spawn with. Have the tool and other tools in a folder in ReplicatedStorage or ServerStorage and when a character is added, look for the tool name from the player’s Attribute in the folder and clone it into the player’s backpack.