Saving Ungrouped Parts to the Inventory only saves ONE of Them

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  1. I want to save models to my inventory when selecting a bunch and that they get saved together in the inventory and ungrouped.

  2. What is the issue?
    The issue starts that when i save them to my inventory


The part saved is only one for the 3.

I want all of them to be saved together ungrouped.

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I looked if a bug report post was done for this but no luck, haven’t found anything
    A workaround is saving them grouped, but i don’t want that, i need saving stuff to my inventory ungrouped for some reasons that has to do with my game.

Thank you!

I am not quiet sure what you meant by that, can you explain what


the roblox inventory, i save them ungrouped, like i click “Save to roblox”

and it only saves one of them.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think Roblox will only save the first selected part that you “selected first”.

check for yourself, this never used to happen before, you could save models ungrouped and it would still save them ungrouped!!

but now saving ungrouped parts/models/whatever just saves 1 of them

I assume a temporary fix is to group the parts or place them under a folder?

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What is the problem here, why wont you just save them grouped and upgroup them later using a script or just do it yourself?

You must group instances to save multiple of them. This is intentional behaviour.

because is for something i use on my game i need to save them ungrouped :man_standing:

in the past never needed to save them grouped, i even have ungrouped models saved in my inventory and they all used to save ungrouped if i wished, and not only one part of them, the whole model ungrouped.

Nevermind! it has been fixed by ROBLOX :grin:
been able to publish ungrouped models to my inventory.

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