Saving/Loading a StringValue and values inside them with ProfileService

I recently came across ProfileService and am deciding to use it for my game considering the many positive things about it, Using it, I want to save a StringValue inside a table in a profile, and then save the values of this StringValues children. I also then want to load these values into the string and clone the string into a folder that is added to the player upon joining.

The issue is that despite looking at many tutorials, I do not know how I would go about this, so I was wondering if someone here knew how I could achieve this.

I would be storing the StringValue in a profile using a ModuleScript like this:

local Data = {
Cards = {},
	Table = {} -- Storing the StringValues and its children here


return Data

An example of what I mentioned above:


With this in mind, how would I go about achieving what I mentioned above?