Say "Hello" to Display Names!

This feature is a good way to lower friction on the sign-up page. The community will for sure complain about this, but in the long term, I feel like it’s a good thing.


Not a fan whatsoever. I can see this being abused, easily.


I love this idea! Thank you so much ROBLOX! Now instead of having my username displayed as Donzee_Boi, its Donzee Boi! Thank you so much!
Maybe you should do twice every 7 days - what if I make a typo, Im stuck with that display name for a week. Otherwise else this is amazing! Thank you so much for this feature!
You guys keep rolling out more and more amazing stuff!
Whats the ETA? Will it be out for beta users first or rolled out to everyone at one time?
When will it 100% be out by? Around when?

Lastly, you said usernames will start having an @. Does that mean Player.Name will be @username or username? A lot of code will have to be updated otherwise.


For the people concerned about impersonation it will likely be similar to Twitter where your display name can be anything but your handle remains the same. I don’t see there being a large amount of impersonation.


Woah, this is so cool! I hope that the normal username is still shown somewhere on your profile, similar to Twitter’s UI kinda.


Will this feature be avaliable to Beta Testers sooner than it is to the community?


Devs should probably get the option to enable/disable display names per game.

…And hopefully Roblox publishes a “Replace All” function in studio so I won’t have to sift through hundreds of lines just to show display names instead of usernames.


I think this will be quite confusing to show it in game, what if players have the same nickname? Although this is a nice feature to roll out it will be quite confusing to identify players in game. I feel as if this feature will be abused to impersonate others, ex: scams, and more. Will there be a feature to opt-out of seeing user’s display name in game?


If we change our display name, will there be something like “Past Display Names” like how there is with usernames?


This is one of the best small update anyone could’ve asked for the only one I can’t understand is this:

  • Currently, you are limited to changing Display Names once every 7 days.

Why does this have to be 7 days? Is there a problem if it was less than 7?


I am very curious to know how this will work with in-game abuse reporting from regular players.

Say I have 6 players in game with display name of Fred. One Fred is spamming profanity in chat, bypassing the filter. How do I know which Fred to report? The chat shows only display names.

How does a regular player know which Fred to click on to report?


Heres my thoughts and questions.
1 - This seems like it could be a good update although the only thing that worries me is the amount of impersonation and trolling.
2 - Will there be a setting to switch between the Display name and our Default roblox name in-game? Or will that be something us developers will have to do.

  • How much will this affect impersonation
  • Are multiple users able to have the same display name? and if so will they all be able to join the same game?


  • Impersonation will be at high levels I presume for awhile although it shouldn’t be much of an issue for most creators using custom systems.

  • Yes multiple users will be able to join the same game with the same exact display name.


It’ll probably be like:

Display Name



I’m just afraid of old games which use older admin scripts. Won’t they be vulnerable to people changing their displayname to the owner’s username and thus gaining admin commands?


I presume this means that multiple players in the same server can have the same Display Name; I have one primary question in regards to this.

Does the display name take priority over the username when players send messages in chat? If so, how will we distinguish which player is sending each message from a player’s perspective? This could be extremely problematic for popular players on the platform if loads of players join their game with the same display name.


This feature will be great for roleplaying games, however there’s a bit of a risk for content creators and developers as they can now be impersonated. Of course if there’s something to prevent that then that’d be awesome, but I don’t see any use for this concept as of now.


A very cool update.

I look forward to using this update. However, I have a feeling that you can be able to impersonate people, such as YouTUBERs, developers, and admins. Kids can be easily tricked by this method like Adopt Me and scams.


I can see lots of good potential to be the best update roblox has made in a while or the worst.
This is the biggest update for the users in a long time, I hope you do it well.
This makes the platform change into more of a platform too, than opposed from a game.
Also Hello.


I have the exact same concerns as everyone else in terms of impersonation. This in particular may allow scammers/bots to easily make prey of younger users by setting their name to, oh let’s say, mrflimflam and promoting a scam website/game in the chat.

We should REALLY know where this display name applies to before it releases.

Edit: Small elaboration


What measures are going to be put in place to effectively stop users from being impersonated?