Say Hello to the New Lua Draggers

Great update! Making positioning more predictable is really going to help when quickly dragging models and objects from one place to another. I do have a question, however:

Is there any documentation available regarding the framework of the new lua draggers? Or will it be published at a later date?

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Although I really don’t use the draggers, I enjoy seeing them updated. However, this update did worsen something I’ve been noticing. Whenever you’re trying to use the move, scale, and rotate tools by clicking, holding and dragging the handles, sometimes it drags some other instance around where the mouse cursor is instead of moving/rotating/scaling the selected instance. This update seems to have worsened this, which contradicts the following statement:

The improper dragging of instances when you’re using the move, rotate, and scaling tools takes up time as you end up having to undo the accidental change. Additionally, the new rotate handles are a bit harder to use than the old handles as the area to click and hold the handle is smaller than the old spherical handles. However, I like how the handles get bigger and smaller depending on how far your camera is from the selected instance and that you can rotate the instance no matter where you click on the handle. My opinion on these changes are mostly positive, but the improper dragging of an instance when trying to use the move, scale, and rotate tools has persisted and worsened. I would prefer this to be fixed before using the new tool handles. Also, there should be an option to toggle between the old and new tool handles since I am sure there are people who prefer the old handles.

This is the intended behavior, and yes, it is a change from what it did before to make it more in line with how other editors work. (Though I just noticed that there’s a bug where it doesn’t update the part size immediately when you press or release Ctrl, only when you next move your mouse, that is a bug)

It’s supposed to be using whatever your system mouse icons are. Are you seeing different behavior?

Kinda. I don’t have plans to write explicit documentation for it, but after I’m done with whatever bugfixes are needed post-release I’m going to publish an example place with very descriptive comments where I show the framework being used to power a set of in-game draggers that work like the studio ones.

Basically, you think the area that you can click to “hit” the handles should be larger? It is slightly smaller than it was with the old tools, as the old hitbox was absurdly large compared to the hitboxes of the handle in many other tools.

If we get enough feedback on that we’re open to changing it or the overall size of the handles.

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I’m confused if this is the “New Lua Draggers” which got into my studio, image.
I can’t get rid of this new rotating tool and so as the new type of Move and Scale tool…


Yes, those are the new draggers. No, they aren’t optional, they’ve been in beta for a while and we’re incrementally force-migrating people over to them now.


i think so, i can’t remember though


Its Here And Its Great Sure Going To Make It Easier :grinning:


what I meant was I would click on the dragger (any of them but it was mostly resize and move) and it was as if I didn’t click it and it deselected my parts

Well that is disappointing if I’m being honest, I will have to give the new another try I guess. I just prefer the “old” more. its not that I don’t like/want change its just the way it is.

this may be my issue I stated above, if they are smaller. If this is the case it would be nice if they where a bit bigger.

Also regarding the hand courser like another user said it would be nice to use the one that is in the current build (non beta dragers) as its a little smaller, something else I mentioned and I see I didn’t word it or explain right.

this part I don’t like, using the selection tool and dragging the part around it goes into other parts rather then “hitting it” like it would with current draggers, it does however if you drag the courser over the other parts side. (if that makes sense)

beta (at first I am clicking near the left of the part then move it to the right to drag over the other parts surface)
robloxapp-20200727-0223251.wmv (505.4 KB)
current (what I like better, same thing)
robloxapp-20200727-0226417.wmv (435.1 KB)


That sounds like a bug. If you can reliably reproduce it I would be very interested to know how.

I think this is just a matter of learning the change in behavior.

There shouldn’t be any drag that was easy to accomplish before that is significantly harder to accomplish with the new tools (and there’s many drags that are much easier now, which is why I chose the new behavior). It’s just a matter of learning the different clicks needed to accomplish what you did before (that you now need to drag your mouse onto the side of a part if you want the thing you’re dragging to stick to the side of the part).

Wow!! the new drag feature is awesome! I can do so much more with it!!!

This’s a nice feature, but the new rotate tool looks a bit confusing because there’s no rotate orb on them. Will you try to bring rotate orb back? So, this will be easy to rotate with a orb.

Also, however if I move close enough to part. The rotate tool getting smaller which it’ll be hard for builder to rotate the part.


As pointed out from above, although the other changes are certainly nice, it would be nice to have a sort of toggle for the original rotate orb instead of the new one?


The convention in most 3d editing software is not to have anything like the orbs in the old Roblox rotate tool, and we decided it made sense to remove them. If you want the orbs back it would be nice to know in some more detail why you like it better with them.


Great! This was a much needed update.

Hello there,

I think that it can be a good feature, but, however, I can’t put a brick in a corner anymore. The part clips inside one of the walls/floor, and trust me, it’s a bit annoying. Make it as a setting would be smarter than forcing people to make more “moves” to do that. Trust me, this thing saves lives. Thanks for understanding.


I find it interesting that you notice a difference in this regard. As far as I’m concerned the ability to put something in a corner is no more or less difficult than it was before, just different. (now you have the problem of it clipping if you dragged too far, vs before you had the problem of it “bouncing” out of the corner if you dragged too far. I found that the two require the same level of dragging precision)

Do you find it noticeably harder than before? What kind of use cases are you having the problem in? (Chair in corner of room vs precision building of a model)

We are aware of the “dragging into a corner” use case, and looking for solutions to that in our further dragger improvements, though it’s a low priority item.


Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

To be clear, before it was like that, sticking to walls. Very easy to put a part in the corner properly, without touching the position of the part. The only thing we had to do was to drag it…

I reproduced it on a picture ;

(Stay in the corner. Good part.)

And now its like this…

You see ? I feel like loosing time a bit with it… But when you have to do that many times, you can lose at least a minute, or several minutes to do your full job. That’s why making it as an option is maybe smarter :wink:


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However with the old tool, after dragging into a corner in the same way:

Did you just not mind the small gap left over with the old tool?

In the case where you don’t care about the gap you can position the part in basically the same position relatively easily with the new tool: The trick is that you should pick the part up by the corner that you want to align with the corner you’re trying to place it in, since the point you pick it up by is the point whose position gets matched to where your cursor is.


I think some people are used to the orbs silently describing the orientation of the object they are rotating. I know it isn’t really that much of an issue, but visually it’s a stimulus that is quite helpful at times when we don’t want to see the raw numbers, and when the symmetry of the object is interfering with its rotation.

When I work in blender doing rig animations, it probably annoys me the most (after the messy graph editor interface). For power users I imagine there are shortcuts and stuff to be able to work efficiently, but for the average user (me) it takes a while to adjust rotation (especially when I do head rotations w/o a face). Again it’s more an issue with symmetrical objects so I see the niche card there.

It’s kind of like replacing newspapers with tablets. I feel like flipping the pages makes the experience more natural and that I’m flipping from article to article, instead of tapping a couple of times. Perhaps a necessary step to the future but still sad to see it go, even if the old newspapers were kind of clunky.


I can’t seem to use the draggers in Folders anymore, is this intended?