Say Hello to the New Lua Draggers

Not sure if it’s my PC causing it, but these new draggers cause quite a bit of lag whenever I try and resize parts with “Join Surfaces” enabled. This lag wasn’t present before this update, so I find it kind of bizarre that it’s happening now.

Also, the grab-movement system behaves really janky when you turn collisions off, as bricks will now pass through other bricks which makes movement annoying and requires me to modify my collision settings every now and then to ensure this doesn’t happen.

I appreciate your efforts to try to make Studio function better, though.

This is going to be improved, both by another optimization pass on it, and by some Luau features coming down the pipe.

This is intentional, but freeform dragging doesn’t take the Collisions setting into account at all, so I’m not sure exactly what you’re getting at here with switching the Collisions setting.


Glad to hear, I was worried it was my machine causing it. Thank you very much for the clarity.

I double-checked this, and although you’re correct, I believe what I experienced may be some kind of bug with the new system? Basically, if I attempt to drag another part over another part, then it will register collision properly with it, like so:

But if I am dragging a part on a plane that’s shared by a different part, while not placing the part directly over the other, it can phase through the collision of other parts for some reason like shown below, where I was dragging the part on the ground and not over the other one like before:

Based on your response, I don’t think this is intentional though, so I apologize about the confusion with that.

This is intentional: The new behavior is to take the selection that you’re dragging, and place it onto the surface that your mouse is hovering over. As for how it snaps, it also snaps the vertex closest to where you clicked on the selection relative to the vertex closest to the where your mouse is hovering.

That means that to optimally use the new freeform drag, you should pick objects up by the point that you want to align, and drag to the surface that you want to place them onto.


In my opinion, is too hard rotate things, because now you don’t have a point to know if is good rotated or not, but is more free, I think they can combine the old and the new rotation features to do it more simply and easy.


Also, I think they have to do the movement more free, because you can’t put it well, you have to edit position and is not very simple to use.

Ah, I understand now. Thank you very much for the clarity and the assistance, I really appreciate it.

The LuaDraggers are now force enabled for 100% of users.

If this is somehow interrupting your development workflow significantly please let us know why and I can temporarily manually exclude you from the rollout until we have a fix for you issue.


With this roll-out, pasting textures onto parts is no longer possible for me.

All textures when copied + pasted go straight to workspace.

Furthermore, I much rather the old rotate tool than the new one. This new rotate tool is just not for me (and a lot of other users feel like that, as you’ve probably seen reading this thread + other threads in the building support category.)

This is me copy and pasting the same texture 4 times to paste unto the texture-less beige part, but all four textures ended up in Workspace.


I agree with you, the new rotation tool feels 10x more clunky


The move and scale is decent, the dragged itself is okay. The rotate tool on the other hand is not good.

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can you please make me revert back to the old tools the new tools are confusing and ugly

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can you please make me revert back to the old tools the new tools are confusing and ugly

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Your rollout of the new Lua Draggers has failed to address several of the critical issues that developers have had with your changes into our workflow.

Planar Dragging still has not been acknowledged and this was my #1 feature request for a new dragger. 2D move handles are a universal standard across all other engines and I’m asking for it because I know that if you don’t implement it now I will never get the attention for this feature again. Why is this too much to ask for?


Feedback on Changes

The rotate tool is now harder to select properly due to a lack of handles and frankly is painful to look at visually (thick vibrant colors with weird overlapping transparency gives me a headache). There’s also still no way to rotate an object on multiple axis at the same time (like you can in Unity, Unreal, Blender, Maya, etc etc).
This is the standard for a good reason.

Feedback on the Roblox Process

Yet again, no new functionality or experience changes have occurred since the beta release of Lua Draggers. Providing feedback on a beta feature and then seeing no real change or improvement at all as it gets forced down your throat gets tiring after the third or fourth time you do it. It feels like Roblox is following a trend to shotgun out features into beta, ask for feedback, ignore it for a few months, then force that new feature onto users with nothing changed besides stability fixes.

I don’t feel like my feedback is being heard or acted upon.


I disagree with the roblox staff on this update. I don’t see why the old lua draggers could have been treated the same as CSGv1 after it was phased out.


I agree with your point. Another thing to consider is Roblox is a kids game, meaning younger people use studio. Updates like this makes the task of creating a simple game harder for people who have had absolutely 0% experience with programs like Unity, Blender, etc.


Roblox is a kids platform with real Studios and teams trying to build a business around that platform. There is no reason to not include optional functionality that is a standard across all other engines.

Just because Roblox is a kid’s gaming platform doesn’t mean Roblox shouldn’t support power users.

It’s also the only one which changed significantly, so it will take more getting used to.

Please raise more specific feedback.

We are very likely to add this. We just have to get the baseline move over to Lua stable and finished before we make even more significant changes.

There’s not a great way to get around this right now. The fact that Roblox developers work against a full shaded + lit scene makes it really hard to see the handles if they’re any subtler.

We have improvements to the beta process used for studio features in general also coming soon which will hopefully help in this regard. We’re aware that the existing beta feature system is not doing as much work as it could be for the developer community.

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This happens with decals as well. Decals/textures currently cannot be pasted into any instance which is a descendant of Workspace. In any other place, such as Lighting, decals/textures can be pasted into any instance.

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The lighting on the surface of SelectonBoxes now changes if something is selected. I am pretty sure this did not happen before the new draggers were rolled out (correct me if I’m wrong).