Say Hello to the New Lua Draggers

I appreciate the response and acknowledgement that you are working on improvements, but if history is any indication I am not too hopeful.

From my perspective Roblox tends to churn out a new feature and then quickly move onto the next without delegating the proper time or resources into further improving and maintaining that feature once it has been released.

For example, I’ve been asking for keybinds for Smooth Terrain tools since November 2019. I can’t pretend to understand how much work this would be to add, but honestly I can’t see it being all that much. If at any point in the last 9 months an engineer had been able to pick up this relatively small request and implement it, my life only a daily basis would be substantially better. But they haven’t, and I don’t really have any hope that it’ll change until the next time a new “revamp” of the Smooth Terrain tools comes around (whenever that might be???). 9 months might not be a lot of time for a company, and it isn’t. But that’s 9 months of 8 hours of work a day of which I have been unable to use keybinds on basic core tools.

How long will I have to wait for Planar Dragging? 9 months? 2 years? I use these tools every single day and I’ve already been waiting for over 10 years of my life for Planar Dragging.

I stand by my statement that I don’t feel like my feedback is being heard or acted upon, and I also offer a solution:

Consider a Roblox “swat” team of engineers tasked with hopping from feature to feature and implementing small low-hanging feature requests or changes which the community has been asking for. Relatively simple changes can make a massive difference for your users.


With the feedback from the rotate tool, would you consider reverting it back to the old rotate tool? Or at least, making a plug-in/option of sorts.

Also, textures can no longer be pasted onto parts as before. They are pasted directly into workspace and there does not seem to be any work around.

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There are multiple people on this right now, expect this to be fixed soon-ish (within a couple hours). It’s actually an artifact of the VideoFrame release, not turning on the Lua Draggers.

I feel it is important to mention that I have seen many different features come into beta and run their course and then get pushed out, but this was the most well managed and thoughtful beta feature I’ve ever seen run for Studio. The majority of feedback was quickly and personally responded to, and addressed where it made sense, the tools stayed in beta for exactly as long as they needed to, and the entire operation felt like it was handled very carefully. Granted there will always be room for improvement, but I found the way this feature was handled was absolutely excellent, and really stood out from the way things are usually handled.

A year or two ago myself and a few other users spent some time running around the forum trying to gather a bunch of these kinds of tiny feature requests and it was very difficult to find enough of them to make the effort worthwhile. They are simply too random and too buried to find, even if given focused effort. If you have small usability enhancement feature requests that don’t have complicated dependencies, if you still need them, make sure you’re bumping them occasionally with your new use cases to keep them on the radar.

Also, I would very much like plane drag handles, I remember making a post about this a while ago on one of the threads you linked, but they are by no means a critical enhancement to these tools such that their release from beta needs to be delayed to include them.


Okay, thank you for the quick responses :slight_smile:

Texture pasting should work again now after a studio restart. The support for dragging the new Video Frames out of the toolbox broke the decal pasting functionality.

It works now, thank you for the speedy fix.

I agree that thus far the level of attention and response from @tnavarts and the rest of the team behind this feature has been incredibly admirable and a breath of fresh air. That being said, I still think more could have been done to address the smaller feature requests that slip through the cracks.

Planar Dragging notwithstanding, I feel like the feedback regarding the rotation tool’s handles should have been anticipated and addressed before pushing to 100% of clients.

A more personal opinion, I don’t believe any feature should ever be forced onto your client. I always want a legacy version to revert to should I find the newer version inadequate. Legacy features should only be abandoned if they are absolutely no longer sustainable or until the new version is 100% superior to the previous.


In this case there actually are significant changes coming down the pipe that depend on the Lua Draggers, so we would not have been able to continue supporting the Legacy draggers at all for much longer without significant duplicated implementation for them.

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I still don’t see why you can’t make an option to change their appearances back to that of the original draggers, without changing any of the functionality.
I don’t miss how the old draggers work, I miss how they look…


Okay, I’ve been playing around with the new rotate tool for a bit, and it’s okay for the most part, but it’s rotation indicator doesn’t seem to work right, as it compares the part’s rotation relative to where you clicked the dragger, rather than it’s original rotation.

That’s the intended behavior. By working that way you can click anywhere on the rings to rotate something and still see exactly how far you’re rotating it.

Oh. Well, it’d be nice if there were some sort of transparent indicator of where the rotation was before you rotated, regardless of where you click.

I think I found a bug: when you’re using the Animation Editor, it reverts to the old draggers.

Indeed. We are going to update the animation editor as well (there are some other projects in the works currently that do already use the new dragger look & feel), though we will likely have to take a different approach to how the rotate tool works there, as something closer to the old orb-based rotate tool is very convenient for animation.

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GREAT Im not the only one…this is really disappointing and frustrating. I literally use this method every day and now its just taken out of the blue…
EDIT, fix is live, woohoo!

I’m also having problems in the Animation Editor where when I use the Move Tool or the Rotate Tool it will slowly move the rotation, just while I’m holding down left click, even if I’m not moving the part at all.

This was a mistake, unrelated to the Lua Dragger rollout itself, it has already been reverted.

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Please report this separately. The Animation Editor and the Lua Draggers share zero code currently, so that is very likely to be an Animation Editor problem unrelated to the Lua Draggers.

Beautiful work from the Roblox team, thanks to everyone who got this pushed out! This will help out development a lot!

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