Saying it's published when its not bug

So, I had an image moderated bc it was a tix gift; whatever, that’s not the issue.

The issue is this happened in the middle of me working in studio. So I am testing and assets don’t load and stuff. So, I figure something’s just wrong with the studio. I hit “publish” and in the output it says it’s successfully published. Phew. All my work should be safe. Right?


When I go to roblox and clear up the dumb moderation thing and relaunch studio, all my progress is gone. Thanks.

Great job.

(Sorry, just frusturated because why would it say it succesfully published if it did not?)
And no I don’t have an autosave bc it seems a autosave is only saved when the studio crashes.


This is what’s so frustuarting
Ridiculous moderation on really innocent content, and then it wipes all my progress of the mornin’.

gotta love roblox

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What does the image look like? like can you share the image also did you try messaging roblox about it?

I’m not really concerened about the moderation; I’ll probably email them about it later.
It was literally just this


And the citation was about scamming.

I am not really upset by the moderation just by the fact that when your account i modded and you are in studio it will lie about it being published.

To get unmodded I just had to like check a box and hit okay.

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How can it be scamming if Tix is no longer a currency.


Ikr. I’ve uploaded tix related decals/models in the past and no issues. then again they weren’t as strict in the past as they seem to be this year. In any case, Tix should be allowed regardless, even if it says “FREE TIX” because what if “Tix” was an in-game currency that the game uses, the same way we can make game ads saying to redeem a twitter code of “freebie” for bonus 1,000 in-game cash.

We aren’t using the word “Robux” so us devs should be safe right? Apparently not.


Unfortunately in 2018, you can get moderated for pretty much anything.

Even uploading a decal of a letter…A letter!

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