Scale Range Number

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made a function that scale a number with min and max

function toscale(v,inputmin,inputmax,outputmin,outputmax)

return -- scaled value


print(toscale(0,0,1,-1,1)) -- returns -1
print(toscale(0.5,0,1,-1,1)) -- returns 0
print(toscale(1,0,1,-1,1)) -- returns 1

print(toscale(0,0,1,0,255)) -- returns 0
print(toscale(0.5,0,1,0,255)) -- returns 127.5
print(toscale(1,0,1,0,255)) -- returns 255
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i’m try to make my self function but not works

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yes but theres no similar topics

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-- This is an example Lua code block

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local function scaleNumber(number, scale, min, max)
	return math.clamp(number * scale, min, max)

i wan’t scale no limit the value

What you can do is think of these as percentages.

For example:

print(toscale(1,0,10,0,100) -- returns 10

As you can see, the input is 10% of the inputMax, and os the output is 10% of the outputMax.

The following code should do the trick if input is only between 0 and 1:

function toScale(v, outputMax)
    return v * outputMax

print(toScale(0.5, 100)) -- 50

However, if we want to supply an outputMin you need to offset it by the outputMin:

function toScale(v, outputMin, outputMax)
    local scaledOutput = outputMax - outputMin
    return v * scaledOutput + outputMin -- Add the offset
print(toScale(0.5, 10, 100)) -- 55

Now, as I stated earlier v had to be a percentage. We can get what percentage of inputMininputMax v is by a similar method:

function toScale(v, inputMin, inputMax, outputMin, outputMax)
    local scaledOutput = outputMax - outputMin
    local percentage = v / (inputMax - inputMin) -- value / max = percentage
    return percentage * scaledOutput + outputMin
print(50, 0, 100, 100, 200) -- 150
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this not work

i finded the function that i wanted

function map(s,a1,a2,b1,b2)
return b1 + (s-a1)*(b2-b1)/(a2-a1)

finally i found it!