Scale Tool Functionality Toggle

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to select multiple parts and resize them individually. As @michaelvanderfin mentioned in this thread the new functionality can be quite disruptive to workflow. We used to have this functionality and it was incredibly useful to me as a builder and could cut down on time quite a bit in some cases.

Here’s an example of how it can be disruptive:
There are times when I’m working on a model, such as a sci-fi hallway, and I will make a short segment that will repeat to get the design right and then I will extend it once I’m happy with how it looks. Often times there are parts that will extend the entire length of the hallway. With the OLD behavior I could simply select all those parts that need to be long at one end of the hallway (where I built the short section), zoom out, extend each one about to where it needs to be, zoom in on the other end of the hall and adjust each to exactly where I want. With the NEW functionality however, I now have to do this process for each individual part which significantly increases the time it takes to do something that previously didn’t take long.

It was also very useful for stuff like a fence where you might want each board to be a slightly different length. Previously I could simply select a section and quickly move along the top of the row and adjust sizes slightly to make all the boards different lengths. Now I have to select each board individually and then resize.

Now don’t get me wrong, the new functionality is great, but I really don’t use it that often and it keeps getting in my way. If we could get a toggle that would allow us to toggle the old functionality that would be awesome.

Thought about putting this in another thread but I think it fits better here because I need the above functionality in order for this other functionality to work.

Anyway, so I recently discovered that holding Ctrl while resizing will resize from the center and extend both ends at the same time. What I would like is another key that I could hold down that would allow me to resize multiple parts along the same axis at once.

For example, I have a bunch of fence posts that I want taller. I would like to be able to select them all and then hold down a key and resize one part up and it would resize all the other posts along the same object axis. So if parts were rotated differently they would extend in their respective object axis directions if that makes sense. Thus if I had a bunch of parts in a ring with all their -Y axis pointing towards the middle and I extended along the Y axis on one part in the positive direction it would make all the other parts stick out more along their +Y axis (provided, of course, that I was holding down the key).


Necropost, because it’s still a problem and a huge inconvenience for me, and probably others.
It’s a waste of time to deselect everything and select the only thing you want to resize.
I want to be able to resize individual parts while having selected many, without the whole thing scaling proportionally — just like it used to be in the past.