Scale/Offset problem

Hello, everyone. Small UI design problem here.
So, in the first picture is my normal UI. I have the size and the position set to scale only. Now, the bottom picture is the phone mode. As you can see in that picture, the bottom part of the button, the part creating the 3d effect, is gone. How can I fix that? All of it is set to scale, so it should remain consistent, but it doesn’t. What do I do?

I don’t think that is a scale and offset positioning problem.

Most likely, the round buttons are made with 9-slicing (they utilize SliceCenter and SliceScale). This means that the corner radius will sustain the same size in pixels, even if the entire element is already scaled. That caused your 3D effects to appear broken.

I suggest you replace the 9-slice round buttons with an imported .png image instead.

Where would I find a .png image of that? I make all my GUIs in roblox studio.

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